There is a bit of strange news out about r&b singer Beyoncé “Sasha Fierce”  Knowles having her own religion. Though idol worship is common for the 32 year-old singer who is used to having  frenzied fans fainting in worship to her at concerts, others wishing to her before dying, but now some fans have reportedly went as far as to create a religion “Beyism” which is set out to worship her as a goddess. The  site even suggest accepting the singer as Lord an Savior?



Star idolism  taken to a whole ‘nother  level among fans at the National Church of Beyism


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Although Beyoncé is reportedly not the conductor, officiator or church leader National Church of Beyism, she is regard as  their deity. Beyonce has been made  aware of the religion,  and though some wish for Beyonce to put a halt to it, she has not.  The  organization even suggests  people to accept the singer as Lord an Savior. The church is called National Church of Beyism  with their website on tumblr site is listed. Below is the commercial.

This a fairly lengthy video

I have seen two videos from two separate channels opposing the religion, but although they said few things information wise, they were not adequate examples and very contradictory. Although  these young woman said some things about Jay -Z and others artists who have the worship of Satan in their songs,  I  could not help but notice from the beginning notice their random hand signs gestures (pyramid, sixes) also notice the shirts that two of them are wearing ” Woman thou art loosed” and the other was wearing “I love bad guys”.  One minute they were talking about Jesus Christ  and telling people to be careful about secular music, and the other minute they were talking about they enjoy secular music and Brandy’s album. There was a mixture included. These are some mixed up young women. They are confused.   Another video on YouTube had a young lady that was doing a  Christian video on Beyism with a tongue ring.  Pray church!


Some believe and some don’t, given the limited photos on members  at  National Church of Bey, however star idol worship has been going on a while.

Other sources reports below

Other reports regarding Beyoncé’s religion news national-church-of -bey.tumblr, pinkist

New member 23-year-old Taniya Hattersfield reportedly of College Park Atlanta died of self inflicted stab wound after attending the organization National Church of Bey which members refer to themselves as  Divine Divas and account Beyonce’s music as sacred.

Back in January we learned that a new a Kanye Omari West inspired religion was created  by a 23-year old man so I guess it should come as no surprise to learn that Beyism religion has also been created as well. Beyism is the name of this new religion which was created by a group of 12 friends in Atlanta, CA, led by a self-proclaimed Minister Diva named Pauline John Andrews. HMMM. The group claims that the inspiration for Beyism came from one of their weekly hang sessions where the friend would gather every Sunday to sing her songs. While smoking marijuana, they say, the inspiration for this Beyoncé-inspired religion sprang froth. Imagine that.

A group of 12 friends from Atlanta, Georgia have taken their admiration for the singer Beyoncé to a more spiritual level. Zay of reports that Pauline John Andrews is the founder and self-proclaimed “Minister Diva” of the new National Church of Bey. What is now known as Beyism began about two years ago in a run-down garage in Southwest Atlanta. “There were 12 of us,” Andrews explained, “and we used to gather every Sunday and sing her songs together. One day, while drinking Moscato and smoking Beyha (marijuana), we analyzed one of her songs and came to the realization that Beyoncé is truly divine.” From that moment moving forward, Andrews took the reigns as the leader of the Divine Divas. Some time in the summer of 2013, they adopted the name “National Church of Bey” and registered themselves as a non-profit institution. Pauline John Andrews proclaimed herself the first Minister Diva of the National Church of Bey. Through donated funds, and by all 12 members emptying their savings accounts, the church was able to purchase a building that would become their first temple. The rest is history. Today, the National Church of Bey is thriving and shows no signs of slowing down. The congregation has grown to 203 official Divine Divas. One random visit to the temple on a Saturday night would prove to be an interesting experience. You would get to listen to Minister Diva Andrews preach from the principal text of Beyism known to them as the Beyble. Andrews explains, “Our most sacred text is a compilation of all of Beyoncé’s verses and lyrics. Through our Beyble, we can better ourselves and strive to become truly Divine Divas.” Shouts of “Surfbort!” were made by fellow divas as a sign of approval for her statement. Minister Diva Andrews estimates that there are at least 58 million worshippers of Beyism, but 99% of them simply don’t realize it.

Could be a Beyist and I didn’t even know it!!

“Whenever you see a large group of women defending the actions of her divine divaness, Bey, they are practicing Beyism,” Andrews explained, “It is not about believing she rose from the dead, or that she is perfect or anything like that, it is about recognizing that she is the Divine Diva that we all strive to be.” As for who can join the National Church of Bey? Well, 100% of the congregation consists of women, but males are welcome to join the church on the strength of one condition – they sacrifice their manhood.

Er, on second thought … Beyism is NOT for me :/

All males are to go through a symbolic ceremony in which they symbolically remove their private and then declare their allegiance to the Divine Diva, Bey. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the member then achieves the female status. What the future holds for the National Church of Bey is unclear. The hope of the church is that the millions of fans recognize that they are practicing Beyism. Once this happens, the true aspirations of the Divine Divas can finally be met. What is that you may ask? According to Minister Diva Andrews, it is “for the whole world to bow at the feet of the Goddess Beyoncé and recognize that she is the Diva of all Divas!”

I can’t really see how Beyism will actually become a thing. That said, if 99% of Beyists don’t even know that they are Beyist than the religion may survive … whether any of us know it or not. While I’d LOVE to give this the That-Ish-Cray label, I’m not all that comfortable besmirching the religious bey-liefs of any one else … even if those beliefs are marijuana induced.