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World protesting inside the church




Pastor Wayne T. Jackson laying on Pastor Juno Lee


A Detroit-based pastor requested $1, 000 offerings and $300 offerings from parishioners. People within the community were upset and responded with a staged protest. The people feel as though Pastor Wayne T. Jackson is not giving back to the community.   The church is heavily funded by the government and could build up the community to a  great magnitude. The pastor is rich and really in no financial need, yet begging for excessive offerings  within the impoverished church community is a common protocol.   Donald Trump recently came to the church during his campaign. While it is a game, Pastor Jackson is not the only one doing it.    What a shame.


Bishop Neil Ellis urges support of the cross-dressing Madea


Global Fellowship Leader, Neil Ellis urges the support of followers in  Tyler Perry’s new film called  Madea’s Halloween.

Proverbs 17 :22 KJV A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. That is not what you see in Madea’s play. It is not funny.  God does not want his people supporting this filth. What he is doing is an abomination.  Laughter is not needed; salvation is needed.

I remember the days when at the Christian church knew right from wrong, but that it is not common today.

Madea’s Halloween

This movie features the cross-dressing man Tyler Madea Perry. That is horrifying enough. On top of that,   Halloween is considered the highest holy day for satanic worship (view the origins).

Will Christian people stop to discern between good and evil, as the governing bishop urges people to laugh at such ungodliness? 

Bishop Ellis is an evil man. This is not pennybacked on Ellis’ voice.   Ellis has been set on a high pinnacle by his parishioners which is not subservient to Christ.   Neil Ellis may not appreciate the endearing titles of sir, mister, brother,  pastor, elder, bishop or at least not just by itself.  While those are direct personal possession titles to address a man of his caliber nicely, they seem to be insufficient  for presiding bishop Neil Ellis. Bishop Ellis seems to think he has some grace, perhaps to pardon sin. Neil Ellis requests that members address him with the direct title of  ‘His Grace’.

It is kenosis

The members  have adhered to  his strange request.  Even the more to echo he is not a prince or king to his province or country, nor any of the like adhering to the people of his town wherein such titles is somehow “normal”, Ellis is supposed to be a humble bondservant of Christ, so his request is ever more outlandish.

The Bible does not tell us to be prideful and build vanity with off with the wall titles to protrude our ego. 2 Corinthians 12:7 KJV For though I would desire to glory, I shall not be a fool; for I will say the truth: but now I forbear, lest any man should think of me above that which he seeth me to be, or that he heareth of me. I was placing concern that 2 Corinthians 12:9 kjv And he said unto me,  My grace is sufficient for thee. That scripture is about God’s grace being sufficient unto us. The next clause of the same verse says,  My strength is made perfect in weakness. Can we depend on  His Grace Ellis for strength to be made perfect in weakness? No! Can His Grace Ellis pardon our sins? Although he wears the catholic clothing and follows Catholic church protocol of pardoning sin. It is not going to work.We must preach the grace and truth of Christ.

Neil Ellis is not the only one who uses such titles as His Grace. You will find the following information as well.   The Church of God in Christ members refer to their board of bishops as THE RIGHT REVEREND. Their  presiding bishop, Charles Blake is esteemed as  HIS HOLY GRACE. Charles Blake is said to be the pope of the Church of God in Christ. That may explain why they are dressed in catholic attire and calling themselves his grace. If someone says “Hi,  His Grace__”, and your name follows it, how can that be unto God? It is not.  It is your own.   The catholic church believes that one may be pardoned of sin not by the grace of God, but by the grace of  the pope and the catholic church. Today many Christian churches are welcoming some of the same practices. This is being visibly seen through people like Bishop His Grace Ellis. It does get worse.   HIS GRACE, Your HIGHNESS Ellis is likely aware that  Bible forbids a man from wearing a woman’s  garments.Deuteronomy 22:5 KJV  a man shall not put on a woman’s garment for whosoever doeth these things is an abomination unto the LORD thy God.  Neil Ellis is likely not considered a novice. He has been a  bishop for years now for over 20 years. The Bahamian bishop was in the Full Gospel Baptist 2 years ago, before starting his own.     All they care about is their pockets. Every church within a specific organization usually has to send a certain amount of  money to their denominational headquarters to remain activly recognized within the organization.  The Bible says a bishop must be apt to teach. Bishop Ellis is teaching people to support filth in Madea’s Halloween. Halloween is evil. It does not represent Christ.  A true man of God would never soon call somebody into the grace of God  into another gospel, which is not another but it has been subverted and perverted. That scripture is about these men that aim to deceive the body of Christ and turn on them.  Galatians 1:6 kjv talks about it  I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel:.  Bishop Neil Ellis was recently consecrated by JD Ellis and others to start a sham called the Global Fellowship Organization.

Prior to starting the Global Fellowship Organization, Neil Ellis was a second presiding bishop under Paul Morton’s  Full Gospel Baptist organization.

Paul Morton (catholic backward collar)

Paul Morton and Bishop J. Delano ELLIS were credited with starting the Joint College of Bishops movement.


Neil Ellis’ Wife, Bishop J.D. Ellis, Bishop Neil Ellis

The Joint College is essentially a school which is in engulfed with the Babylon system. The school’s underlying  curriculum is to  indoctrinate pastors. Years ago we urged people not to attend these places.  Many local pastors across the country who desired to grow their church would do whatever it takes. Although the Joint College of Bishop is not as prestigious as various universities, it is essentially viewed as a high commodity schooling which was led by their known forerunning black preacher in their circuit.  The leaders were initially Paul Morton the representative of Full Gospel Baptist Organization and J. Delano Ellis.  Bishop Morton was sent to represent the baptist and J.D. Ellis represent the apostolic as far as denominational affiliations, but everything was all together. The Church of God in Christ connected as well.  Many ministers  desire to acquire that which is titular, while misinterpreting that title which they eagerly run after.  However, they look for bishop, apostles, etc. and they do it  not for the perfecting of the saints as it should be done according to Ephesians 4. There has been such a distortion away from truth. These people were laid out in Jude 1:4KJV, both of these bishop named Ellis, Morton and even Perry. They were ordained for what they are doing. Those local ministries who look up to television’s Christian networks will see Morton and Ellis on  TBN, Word Network.They want to be great and will follow these foolish men. They will attend the joint college and even conform their orthodoxy and ministry after it. People will often look after the dwelling on titles to even physically and visibly put on that which is  contiguous to the  Roman Catholic church (filthy garments).  Today many church pastors are following the catholic church blindly.  I believe it was discussed in the Catholic Creepers. It is two parts.

Tyler Perry was interviewed. He was asked to distinguish between the Madea’s character use of filth and Tyler Perry character. The interviewer basically wanted to know was he saved. Perry stated  I’m saved, but Madea we are still working on. This concept allows him to put on a dress, cuss,  act so crazy and ungodly. Perry is of his father which is the Devil. Mr or Ms. Tyler  Perry is not Saved! Mr. Bishop his grace Ellis, you are a disgrace. This is the spirit.  We are seeing young men who want to put a dress and act like a woman and we want to know why.   It is being condoned for an act which is not one at all. It has become a reality in with the spirits which are entertained.   How can there be any dissimulation?  Why is okay to for a man to put on a dress in the movie, but not in real life. It really confuses people who may deal with the issues that we see everyday. They may be really dissonant in their minds about understanding.   Did you know celebrities have to degrade themselves and make ritualistic sacrifices to move up in the business?!  They are required to perform the abominable . These are the things that Tyler Perry came into church with, meanwhile claiming to represent Christ.

Everything is become like a joke, but Perry soul is on the line.

During an interview with Andrew Freund, Tyler Perry made the following statements regarding his cross-dressing act (the pantyhose, the dress, lipstick..)

It’s all so rdiciculous but as long as the people want to see it, I’ll keep doing it, said Tyler Perry



This poster has been circulating. Several Christian artists have prepondered this poster. It is showing fans how to acquire riches, but through the eyes and filthiness of Perry. It is vanity.  Anybody who work on their jobs acquire riches overtime. I am certainly not ignorant to the fact and not hinting on that,  but more to be surface that Christians are usually not admonished to work with the  GOAL of  becoming rich in so much that they will do anything for it, including cross dressing. Proverbs 23:4KJV  The Bible says labour not to be rich. Being materially driven and mammon-driven is not of essence walk in this life.  The work of the Lord is and living like the Bible says is what is important and everything else falls into place. The same verse that I previously spoke about in  Proverbs 23:4 goes on to say   cease from thine own wisdom.  Perry has made millions from his abominable cross-dressing act which is condoned by many churches. It is evil.  If you do not understand why I am saying it evil, I will get there. He is doing what is contrary to scripture.   That is how he has obtained millions of dollars that list may have model to it for acquiring wealth, but when it compared to what he is doing,  it is burst of sorrow. Shamefully, church people are among his top supporters. Years ago I remember seeing a woman who came into the auto parts store. From what I remembered,  she was dressed in  a jean skirt and a pair of tennis shoes. This woman was going from store to store to advertise with flyers.  She began telling the manager that Perry’s cast and stageplay was going to be presented at her church. Given the circumstances and to be more descriptive the manager was white and the workers were as well. If at all of any importance, she received more stares than any verbal/vocal response, when inquiring if they could attend. Instead of presenting the gospel of Christ, you mean to tell me you want people to come so you all make fools of yourselves?  It is foolish. The Bible mentions in John  that men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil. Perry’s  Madea on the  Run stage play was presented at TD JAKES MEGA MESS, following the proposed million dollar offering which Tyler Perry gave Td Jakes. 1 Timothy 3:2 KJV For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”


They are working  for Satan. Many young boys and girls are confused because men who cross dress. It was not okay yesterday, but it is okay today. Things are becoming upside down. It was not alright in the bible, but to those would refer to  being wise their own conceits,  is it now?  It  is working towards population degeneration and it is at the hands of these charlatans. Halloween does not represent the holiness of God, not now, not in years come and frankly never! In short it represents  darkness and necromancy spirit communication.


Satanic Initiations

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Weight-loss led on by debilitating disease ends in healing diseases becomes a scheme amongst designated clergy

While  I believe in miracles and healing power of God, we are similar physical transformation stories amongst celebrity Christian pastors such as Pastor Mike Freeman, Larry Trotter, Eddie Long and the list goes on.  It is becoming frequent.  More than a miracle, it is strange.

When a plump face to bone skinny waist  poses a question

Quickly losing weight

Bishop Trotter describes his granddaughter as the 'first lady' of his life. The Sweet Holy Spirit Church is a megachurch in the south side of Chicago

Not long after the image of sickness appeared on these pastors, they slip into hopeless trauma  and at the end,  we often hear that they alright now.  It is becoming consistent. This has not just  occurred from one of them but all of them. It appearing to be some sequence that keeps going which raises suspicion.   All of these pastors came that close to death, and all of them recovering is a strange disguise to fool the people. It is becoming a common pattern. It is not farfetched thought. They work in darkness.  It is important to believe in miracles of God, but not these men who have fooled the hearts of the simple. The Devil, Satan, that old serpent performs his own appearance miracles as well. 2 Corinthians 11:14 KJV And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.These situations gain media spotlight attention which could excel their height of publicity.  The price that will pay in this world is not worth it.  Their recovery stories will manage to  draw attention as a miraculous healing intervention, although they hardly express what they were truly healed from.   The media is saying Eddie Long is healed and everybody is jumping around,  but healed from what? What is he healed from?

When these men say they are healed, their proposed experience allows them to expand into healing ministry or miracle crusades when they clearly serve not the Lord Jesus, but their own bellies.  eddielayinghands

These stunts allow more money. It allows them to rebuild  their image.  It allows people to worship them.   The severity of the rituals, behind the scenes initiation and progression to the upper echelon,  may not be fully comprehended, but their devoutness  is exemplary. It is vital  to be leery of such wolves which have been uncovered in previous posts and videos.  That goes beyond the weight loss situation.  A large issue with these patterns of weight-loss,   near death depictions of sufferings and miraculous healing recovery, is that when public figurines and pastors go through these dramatic weight-loss  situations people often want to hear them speak truthfully on what happened. In the instance that public figures are in secret organization and carrying out rituals, how sure are  they to reveal to the public? How far will it go?! Mike Freeman, Larry Trotter, Eddie Long are similar patterns.  These men are in secret organizations and what is upfront about a secret? Minutely nothing

The Bible let us know about the hidden things over in Luke 8:17 KJV

We live in time wherein it is widely accepted for church members to hold memberships within secret organizations such as fraternities, freemasonry and eastern stars etc.


Haka Dance/  Sticking out tongue like snakes

War haka were originally performed by warriors before a battle, proclaiming their strength and prowess in order to intimidate the opposition, but haka are also performed for various reasons: for welcoming distinguished guests, or to acknowledge great achievements, occasions or funerals.-Encyclopedia

Shadowed probate  performance at New Birth’s Missionary Baptist church

1 Thessalonians  5:22 KJV Abstain from all appearance of evil. 

Bishop Eddie Long returns in time for pastor’s anniversary.


Pastor Brian Tamaki of New Zealand at New Birth doing 6


Within secret organizations,  the inner details of immoral rituals performed in lodges are to be kept confidential amongst members only. However, these brothers and sisters are usually nonetheless esteemed as  honorable in the presence of their church members and community. The Dailymail covered a gruesome story of a ritual gone wrong. That ritual went terribly wrong inside Southside Masonic Lodge No. 493, in a basement littered with rat traps, tin cans, a 9-foot-tall guillotine, and a setup designed to mimic walking a plank, according to the DailyMail.  The fellow mason was killed when the initiator used the wrong gun. It caused scrutiny because it unfolded centuries worth of disclosed information. Now anyone could be sure this man knew that he was participating in a ritual to increase and excel as a mason. However,  unbeknownst to him were the extremities that would take his life. Bishop Eddie Long spoke regarding being attacked in his New Birth’s feature film titled,  The Blessing

It was not kill you, it was to promote you today for destiny. -Eddie Long

Eddie Long is a part of a secret organization and fraternity. What one will do, eat, engage in, perform is quite limitless, boundless. eddie__long.png


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