Bishop Eddie Long vegan diet

Bishop Eddie Long  made a startling physical transformation at the beginning of the year,

when he removed his covering. His spokesman said it was for Cancer awareness.

This time Long has lost a tremendous amount of weight and says it due to a raw vegan

diet.  This is the time wherein  people usually say, you look good. What did you do?   That

may not be the case, but what did you?!  Something is going on. Long is no stranger to

social media. In 2010 Eddie Long faced  lawsuits alleging he had sexually molested teen


“Like David.I’ve got five rocks and I haven’t thrown one yet.”-Eddie Long

While Long did never admitted guilt, he paid them off which appears to be admittance

to guilt. 1 Timothy 3: 2 KJV  A bishop then must be blameless.   He is not. In fact, Long and

many celebrity bishops which propounded before the people are not blameless in office.

Td Jakes and Creflo Dollar are not. And they are also  greedily given to filthy lucre. 1 Tim.

3:2 goes list all these attributes as a must for  bishop. The husband of one wife, vigilant

and being of good behavior, given to hospitality, apt to teach;

Parishioner may have  taught by Bishop’s example  people to pay people off 

The results were not disclosed.

Looking  indisposed is sometimes seen as new healthy

The clear answer on this new look is not Popeye’s chicken. That is what Kierra

Sheard said about Karen Clark’s weight loss. It takes more than

turning down a chicken platter.   Bishop George Bloomer allegedly had cancer, Greg Davis,

Bishop Larry Trotter and many other looked similar to Eddie after their weight loss. Who

in their right mind would want to go from this to that?!  Losing weight rapidly causes

imbalance in the organs. Unless you’re being medically supervised during weight loss, a

safe rate of weight loss is a couple pounds weekly, suggests the Centers for Disease

Control and Prevention.