Pastor Juanita Bynum is upset that folks have been taking her offering.


Juanita Bynum claims that many including the young lady listed above named Mykal Monique Convington  has allegedly been collecting funds in her name. Bynum said pictures were going up on her page. One of the other Juanita Bynum impersonators  is Dana Ladd.  People have been sending the imposters  as much as over a hundred thousand dollars for an erroneous orphanage and other causes. Is Juanita Bynum is an imposter herself claiming to represent Christ? We have heard of $200,000 Threshing floors etc.

 Stopping those imposters acquiring her funds

Juanita claims she tried the Christian thing, and was ignored?  In the video Bynum states (r&b singer) Mary J. Blige is her friend and imposters fooled the singer into thinking it was really her.  Years ago in a message at Rod Parsley’s church, Bynum mentioned  Mary J. Blige was of the world, and she  admonished the congregation not to be like the world. She went as far as communicating in her sermon, we can hear the Mary J Blige in your keys?! Now to hear Bynum say  Mary J Blige who still sings r&b and is unsaved is her friend is quite controversial.




The imposters and Juanita Bynum should all be ashamed of themselves. The people who would send the funds year after year to Juanita Bynum should wake up as well, after so many years of truth being revealed. Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.