C.O.G.I.C has gone from  wearing all white to all black.  People were told to wear all  black attire.  At this highly outlined convention it is not mildly coincidental that the lights went out  at the convention center during, leaving them in the dark. Mark 8:18 KJV Having eyes, see ye not? and having ears, hear ye not? They were in the dark physically, and spiritually  as well. Blind leaders. What a mess!


While this issue at hand of rape has not been directly addressed from the alleged suspect Bishop Charles Blake, more recently the proposed rape victim’s statement, lawsuit information and signing of a petition are on one of Cogic’s website. cogics1

There is a lot of issues, cover-ups, set ups and payoffs going on. Pastor Earl Carter and those from the organization who shed some light of truth on the matters of concern are wanted to be silenced. I am certainly not a fan of Earl Carter. He stayed in this mess and waited to spill all the beans instead of going to Charles Blake and simply praying,asking and addressing the matter. The Church of God in Christ is church is all about the cash. When you are all about the mighty dollars it brings inclusion. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. The outlandish things that they are doing often comes along with induction and seduction of loving mammon, and it should not be so. It not taking place in the lives of true saint but the ungodly life styles.  Although they do not live the life style to add up with clinging to the cross, people still refer to be under the leaderships such as the COGIC. The gospel of Jesus cannot be watered down.  Pastor Earl Carter alleges COGIC’s Bishop Richard Clean curses and was ready to fight him after he posed such allegation against his presiding bishop. Previous reports may have come as no suprise that  Clean  allegedly demands money from his ministry engagements at gunpoint . The behavior is somehow seen as normal in various places today.  Anthony Hopkins  was a preacher in the Cogic organization who was sentenced after  putting his wife in the freezer for about three years. How senseless and demonic. Various victims  have been raped by people and also leadership over in cogic for years.  Admittance

Receiving ample amounts of silent treatment and the coverups is a common protocol to prospects Bishop Charles Blake and Eddie Long (New Birth Baptist). The allegations of raping victims are consistent with the way of handlings things, and the truth is seen with more apparency.