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It is close to election time and Jamal is a puppet. This 501(c)3  Pastor Jamal Bryant of the Empowerment Temple allegedly went to make changes within the Baltimore community at a street rally, when he was cursed out and  directed to leave .

Unwanted Guest

Pastor Jamal Bryant did not have much to say and adhered to their request of vacating the premises. As upset as the people in the community acted, Bryant  could have suffered physical harm according to the outrage displayed. As a result of none of those things happened to the pastor,  some suspected it was possibly staged scene. Jamal Bryant left unharmed to be counted a blessing.



Boom, whose real name is Davon Neverdon, co-founded the group, “300 Gangstas” as an outreach for some of Baltimore’s the most dangerous citizens. Neverdon, who was arrested and ultimately acquitted of murder in 1993 after spending more than three years in solitary confinement, speaks out against such forms of punishment, the Guardian reported. Neverden gave strong language in confrontation with the pastor.

The heated exchange between Neverdon and the 12,000-member Empowerment Temple megachurch pastor, which was recorded and posted to YouTube by another grassroots group called Baltimore BLOC, began shortly after Bryant showed up to West Wednesday, a weekly gathering organized by the family of Tyrone West. After West was killed following an altercation with police officers during a traffic stop in 2013, the Baltimore man’s family filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the officers involved, WJZ-TV reported.

Several of the activists present at Wednesday’s rally made it immediately known that they did not believe Bryant’s intentions for being there were pure.

The description under the Baltimore BLOC video reads:

Why did Jamal Bryant finally show up to a West Wednesday after dodging and disrespecting the West Family for the last 3 years? Where was he when the family of Tyrone West first asked him to help? What happened that time Tawanda Jones (Tyrone West’s sister) and Abdul Salaam were supposed to speak on a panel at Bryant’s /church during the Ferguson Solidarity protests in Baltimore in 2014, and he cut them from the program just minutes before it was scheduled to begin? Yeah, we still remember

PFK Boom’s and Pastor Jamal Bryant beginning portion of the conversation before the cussing

PFK:Can I holla at you man? I’m the streets man  what I want to know coldblooded

Jamal: Yes sir.

PFK: Like Im saying,You got our people all up in your church.

Jamal:Yes sir.

PFK: You ‘ppose to nag these people.

JAmal:Yes sir.

PFK: I understand that yall seperate but you don’t ask.  Didn’t you come down here late.  Tyrone  only been running like 300  days.  You down here now.

Jamal: So don’t come?(puzzled)

PFK: Don’t Come! We don’t want you no where in our city.We don’t even want you on our streets. You disrespect our streets. It’s me PFK Boom,… You down here late. You ain’t fight no war with us…

The PFK Boom said the streets feel like Bryant is killing them. Bryant replied, alright I won’t come on this street.   The furious member mentioned the people  did not want Pastor Bryant in the whole city . The man looked at Bryant’s t-shirt Guardian Angel and mentioned Jamal Bryant must be Golden Guardian Angel for  Satan, not for him. Bryant was cited as a clown as he vacated the premises.bryantjamal

Bryant may have appeared to think he was ready for the community. He went into the hood dressed in street attire to appear look as if he was a part of them. According to the video, he even came with no  entourage or bodyguard.  There Bryant was met by a disgruntled man seen in the photo who had a mouth full words (some were profanity later on in the video). He told the tardy, media driven pastor Jamal Bryant”The streets don’t want you here.”



False Baal prophets from JamalBryant to Dewey Smith


Pastor Bryant is no stranger to the news. Last month it was reported that Jamal Bryant fathered another a  baby out of wedlock less than a year ago.

Despite the ungodly behavior Jamal has shown, you could find  his supporter taking to social media to say Jamal Bryant was God’s anointed and to touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm?


Community/Street Rally spokeswoman Shy Lady Heroin said  Jamal Bryant should be ashamed of himself for  selling his people out for fame and fortune.



Pastor Bryant made video response addressing mental health issues and how prevalent it  is in the community


Jamal Bryant did not say any of those things assocations while at the rally or in front of  that expressed mad man.

Has Bryant maximized off these consecutive shooting and according to the height of  attention  Trayvon Martin 2012, Tyler West 2013 , Mike Brown 2014 , Freddie Gray 2015.







Juanita Bynum prophesied to Pastor Jamal and said it is time for him to be a crazy man in the Holy Ghost. Who would make such statement?!How facetious. He has been crazy or acting insane but his ungodly behavior is in no way shape or form a result of the Holy Ghost.