Gospel quartet group Virtue debuted in the 90’s and later downsized to an all sisters trio,  after few other members left the group, according to a recent YouTube interview. After having non-active projects for a while, this group is coming back to the music scene with a new album titled Fearless. There are numerous fearless slogans and terms such as YOLO(You only live once) statements being used. They are people doing riduculous things. There is hardly regard for life and posing do something you never done, mortifying stunts of jumping off a building into an ocean. There is a careless type of fear going on in the world. It is not a fear of or  surfaced on  fear of people and creatures etc.  (see Matthew 10:28 KJV).And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.  Psalms 111:10 KJV The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments. 

Within the industry including the labeled gospel industry which is actually a unit,   we see a lot of Kirk Franklin’s recent album features were I am, Hello Fear and Loosing My Religion. What were all those non-schulant statements geared towards? It is a lukewarm, lackadaisical spirit in the church. The world and the church alike are doing it.  Joel Osteen and Oprah says whatever follows the I am will always coming looking for you. It is not the I am of the Bible that Moses spoke about.   Sanballats  Osteen, Franklin are mockers.

The I am he speaks of  is  to pose self-worship  as himself as THE I AM.

He has no fear of God almighty


In ’91 rock group ‘Losing My Religion’ on the Out Time Release



Kirk Franklin To Release ‘Losing My Religion’ On November 13th ...

2015 release under RCA  and Kirk Franklin’s Fo Yo Soul Entertainment



and Franklin losing the religion that slumbering thought he had been following. Before Losing My Religion was released,  Kirk Franklin wrote Take Me To The King which was made popular by  Tamela Mann (from the Family). Zoom into the  lyrics of the song

No rules, no religion. I have made my decision.- Kirk Franklin

There is a careless society. This porn addict Franklin, said he was just to doing whatever he wanted to do without a hip-hop flavor gospel music, during an interview in Jamaica. In the presence of a sinner on a show called Fifty, who mocks God and the Bible says he doe not want to hear that *, Kirk Franklin laughs. Anyone who believe he is worshipping True and Living God, would have to be sleep.

The industry patterns the albums and current and upcoming artists after the predecessors who achieved top chart ratings. A large portion of Kirk’s music albums are  r&b   60’s and 70’s vintage, retro r&b throwbacks which were repackaged. It is not Christian and it is not the Gospel. The artists are on journey quest that is not defined and not confined hardly in the least bit by the Bible KJV. After a sabbatical break from music industry,news report announced Virtue that they were  going into the studio to began working with

kirkfranklins Christian labeled hip-hop artist/producer Da Truth would sign them to a new record deal.

This type of dispensation is being into the world through various means and  greatly in the music.