There are numerous reports over the net about Empowerment Temple’s Pastor Jamal Bryant. Pastor Jamal Bryant allegedly has another child from an adulterous affair. This is not a new subject. Bryant’s marriage to Gizelle ended in a  divorce following his adultery scandal. Bryant stated in an interview 

I was quickly becoming a household name, so nothing in my said I would ever get caught, number two that my wife would ever leave, number three that my church would tank out. I stepped out on my wife and had an extra-marital affair.

 This has become normal activity for the 44-year-old Baltimore based pastor. Church leader Jamal Bryant allegedly has several children resulting from previous adultery.

Galatians 5:24 KJV And they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.

Everything you’ve known about church is going to be thrown out the window.-Jamal Bryant

There is a newly reported incident of infidelity surfaced by a woman named Latoya Odom who claims that she has had romantic encounters  with two pastors, one which she had given birth to his child.   She was hired to fill an odd position to be held at any church. Latoya Odom  was hired as the church massage therapist.

Lover of God Mother Board Member; I AM A QUEEN FOUNDATION Fragrance Model: Christian Dior Writer and Author Chosen to be apart of God’s Kingdom- Latoya Odom (Full Body Massage Therapist)


According to the reports Latoya Odom  was hired by Bishop Greg Davis as a massage therapist at the church’s conference,  and she became sexually acquainted with  Jamal Bryant as well at a conference hosted by Davis in Delaware.  

Below is the  alleged result of Jamal Bryant ‘s adulterous encounter with Latoya.