Pastor Shirley Caesar recently performed with r&b singer Anthony Hamilton. While Caesar has a singing voice, her example does not speak volume regarding the gospel of Jesus Christ. I will explain a little later. I have a story information revealed to me.  Shirley Caesar entered into the famous music arena with  Albertina Walker and The Caravans. Some of the other members from the group were Carey “Peggy” Stanley, Inez Andrews, Sister Shaw and many of the others. After launching a solo career Caesar has won numerous awards. Pastor Caesar is notable in the industry. Those who knew Caesar in the days of Clara Isler before her marriage to Bishop Ivory Williams knew it was a smoke screen (an act).


Patti Labelle and Jordin Sparks



The gospel industry shown a depreciation in value. It is coherent with secular industry.  One is often called to set aside morals, even biblical ones. The distinction between right and wrong is set aside in order for individuals to maneuver into the upper echelon. Pastor Caesar is  a member of  (secret organization)Delta Theta Sigma Sorority.

Barbara Amos, Td Jakes, Alfred Owens, Samuel Carruth were connected to Pastor Caesar and Clara.  Barbara Amos was a church drummer at Carruth’s before she was noticed by  Caesar and began traveling with Shirley Caesar’s  band. Barbara Amos later  became a pastor and often spoke about men in a worthless manner. It was like a feminist movement. She is not feminine, while some echo on butch. It is a reverse identity. Barbara is now hailing the title of bishop. Later she was on a program with Bishop Yvette Flunder who is married to a woman. Howbeit you are not a man ? !  1 Timothy 3:2 kjv says a bishop should be husband of one wife.


There is a  video of  Alfred Owens eulogizing Bishop Ivory Williams. He began talking about a time wherein Bishop Williams was single.

It was apparent that Alfred Owens was shielding woman away from Bishop Williams. He was so possessive and filled with disgust until he told a woman, What do you have with a bishop?. He used the fact that Williams was a  (widow) bishop as the reason why he shielded him. That is likely no reason  for a man to be so overprotective over another male friend. He is married to Susie Owens, but that does not mean much these days. Owens mentioned they shared secrets to  take with him to the grave. Owens proceeded to say in the eulogy “He was our sweet daddy.” Sweet daddy? Hold up! Those are pimp words. It did not sound right. I remind you Alfred Owens is Clara’s god-son. Caesar is Clara god-daughter. There is nothing wrong with having godparents or godly examples influence, but that was not the case there. It is a smoke screen. It was convoluted. I could tell you more of what was shown, but I will move on.

Caesar holds no discernment even at her age and as a leader.  She has been all over the place. Pastor Caesar performed with  Glady Knights who is a Mormon. Knights is black, and she is in a religion which believes God changed his mind about black people in 1978? How crazy. Caesar also sang with Patti Labelle. Romans 11:29 KJV For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance. Patti Labelle and some of the others undoubtfully have giftings to sing. Pastor did a duet Patti Labelle. If you would notice Caesar sang the hymnal, What a friend we have in Jesus, but it turns into another song.  ‘You are my friend is a song’  which I believe elucidates on the relationship of the world and church collaboration. You are friend of the world. Sisterhood  caesa

Shirley  Caesar  collaborated with Anthony “Tonex” Williams in a song which says,  Talk about me just as much as you please, but the more you  do I’m going to sell cd’s. The ending portion of  a song was taken from a song which said, I’m going down on my  bending knees (as in praying), but Tonex and Caesar’s version  glorifies $ selling cd’s.


Artist Pastor Caesar

They call me Prince but my name is Tonex


You could imagine. Pastor Caesar display is  short of the gospel. Are souls coming to Christ is measured by the number of cd’s sold. Are these collaborations bringing souls to Christ or producing a larger check in the bank? The gospel is being watered down. It’s alright, It is okay? It is not alright and it is not okay. It is not drawing sinners into repentance. Anthony Hamilton new release Amen is a mockery.  It was released around a week before his collaboration release with Pastor Caesar.

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What ashame Caesar!

Matthew 22:20-22kjv

20 And he saith unto them, Whose is this image and superscription?

21 They say unto him, Caesar’s. Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.

22 When they had heard these words, they marvelled, and left him, and went their way.


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