News/video sent via Sis. Dana

Donnie McClurkin has a substantial part in an ungodly franchise to which he and his peers, proteges are apart? Donnie McClurkin staged. He speaks in that room on video, while though having a platform to say to it first hand largely on the stages granted.

There was some truth to what he is saying, but he is a part of that system. Camouflage



Pastor Donnie McClurkin says Preachers of Atlanta is vulgar and despicable, and it is. The gospel artist made statements regarding how desecrated the Preachers of Atlanta, and this show is not representative of preachers of any city. He mentioned the Preachers of La, Detroit and Atlanta. Deitrick Haddon, Dorinda Clark, etc. and those people are friends of McClurkin, so he has direct access to them. Donnie McClurkin is singing and bringing secular songs in the church, Ooh Child, and Thank you for let me be myself; brother is a part of the problem in the ungodly franchise. You send mixed signals. Donnie mentions some statement about while there are some good preachers on the show (his friend’s); the others get the attention with minimal specificity.

Not only is Donnie apart of The BET Sunday’s Best wherein contestants compete against one another to be crowned Sunday’s Best (Mess), after that they leave the show and start churches and become ministers of this sort and join the crowd of the industry. The show is not about salvation. That is where Leandria started in the manor of fame.




They are under demonic influence. Leandria poses nude in Can’t stop Hip-hop video on YouTube. In another video Johnson (periscope) audience member asks was she in it for the show about money or the souls. She says sarcastically about the soul. She was singing sparingly about rich in the video. I was led to cut it off.

The Sunday Best show is buffoonery and not apt to make disciples these people for Christ. Donnie McClurkin was a part of Hope tours with and the Kings men and Sunday’s Best which are all ventures of Kirk Franklin. Sunday’s best is a platform and vote them in based on their talent ability to sing, and their willingness to submit eagerly and vulnerable to the ungodly circle to which he is a part. You are an offense. Kirk Franklin is a producer on the Sunday’s Best. Kirk Franklin, you know.


There was a clip of Pastors Donnie and Kim Burrell, who were laughing at a young man who was singing that he would trust in the Lord until he dies and the young man appeared confused, and they gave him no understanding of their actions of laughing and talking when they were supposed to be listening. He did not know if they were laughing at what he was singing because it appears they don’t trust in the Lord. Donnie McClurkin and the set are double minded. Donnie is close to Franklin and who has no boundaries. McClurkin is a product of the industry and flips back and forth. It is sad. Either you are on the Lord’s side or the Devil side.


Luke 13:3 KJV Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand