Hello I would like to give thanks to God for using these very special people to be a blessing the ministry of Readychurch which are  Sister Annette and Sister Lorraine as well who both were helpful in getting some technical issues solved at Readychurch.At this necessary time

Though Sister Annette I have not seen you in a while and you are working, but you have checked in with us and being a blessing at this time, and Sister Lorraine though I have not seen you but the Lord led you to us.  I thank you for being a blessings.  Your kindness and genorosity will never be forgotten. Although I know your benevolence  was not done to be seen heard of men, I hope you both are okay with the acknowledgment it. We thank you.  The Bible says what you do in secret the Father will reward thee openly. Matthew 6:4 KJV That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly. I pray the Lord blessing in Jesus name. If the Lord’s will  materials will be to load onto the Readychurch and videos as they are in progress, and I have also spoken with the speaker on the YOUTUBE and will be uploading some of the radioblogs onto Youtube as well.