This is not attire for a saved woman of God, and definitely furthermore not for Holy Ghost filled woman. It is the invocation of lust and ungodliness. The woman in the audience of the video said we need to talk about the Holy Ghost, and she basically explains that Good’s life was not adding up. I recall a video wherein Meagan and her husband Devon did an interview with Gayle King and explained that she prayed because things in her life were messy. She began talking about how she would a began of celibacy from than on. There in the interview her and husband Devon Franklin who is a preacher in a Seventh day Adventist church(?) was there to promote their book. At the interview with Gayle King, husband Franklin mentioned how he was a preacher who talked about celibacy but was not doer of it, initially.  Anyhow this lead up to the book which is called The Wait.Although this couple states they a waited for marriage,  this took the interviewers for a sarcasm for them to promote a book on waiting for marriage and Meagan’s chest is  constantly hanging out. How does that go with waiting?  That is not what we are seeing but flesh.  It moreover depicts looseness. According to Matthew 7 chapter in KJV, A tree is known by the fruit it bears. Meagan is beautiful without advertising the flesh and carnality. Gayle who is not saved mentioned to the couple Waiting on marriage is unlike Meagan’s characters and including portrayals in the Jumping the Broom which was  produced by Bishop T.D. Jakes. This is hideous. This is some of what Hollywood does to damper the church. Hollywood and the life encompassed in the scene is not about denying yourself. These people are not Christians. Meagan can change and has a choice to do so, and her response was much better than her husband who should not spoken for her at all.  It is not that the woman in the audience was being vindictive or making a destructive statement,  but she was surely speaking wisdom.  If somebody is telling you are hanging it little low in love and cover up, when you clearly know it is truth, why should you become upset?. When it is and should be Confirmation! What kind of example are you.  If ye had received since ye believe ye would have known that. The Holy Spirit is power to keep you. You will be led and guided into all truth.   Her husband whom I mentioned above, well he is clearly not saved. A wanting his wife to dress like that is grotesque. I will tell you about something I have seen in matters of similar to this. Devon Franklin is  older than Meagan according to his bio. He is somewhat  carrying Meagan as the younger woman. She is garded as a young prize trophy on his arm and does not hold back for the provocative dress for others to desire what he has. Well it is not becomingsome. These woman today in churches today following these from ministers, and passed down to the congregations. These things are going on and handed on figuratively on a silver platter and must be addressed and rebuked. It brings about causes men to lust and temptation. Megan is not an example of woman in the faith, but silly woman will fall prey will look at it and walk after that image not of Christ. There is an  embracing a new age theology, and free thinking, and non abiding by the word of God. It is doctrine of the Nicolatian described in Revelation.  To make matters worst, Devon Franklin felt the need to rebuttal against the woman in the audience about helpful concern interest. He mentioned about being from the west-side and Oakland, and what he would do? What in the world! That is worldly. He was talking about what he would do? to a woman?! Why would he like that as gentleman, and  furthermore why such a response as a gentleman who assumes the role of following Christ. What does he preach about church?! He goes on to say Meagan is going to wear whatever you chooses to wear really? Jesus, said if any man will come after me let him deny himself and take up the cross and follow me. Meagan will wear whatever she wants? 1 Corinthians 6:19KJV What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own.