They are already an embarrassment. This organization may be far gone.

It was reported years later by a former witness of the C.O.G.I.C who recalled attending a holy convocation years ago as child in Memphis at Mason Temple with CH Mason’s body preservation being housed. I have a tape of the witness. It might be a tourist attraction, but  it is not godly. It is corrupt, idol worship and cultic. It hints on necromancy practices. Furthermore it highly aligns with the idol worship and exaltation that is prevalently seen today among cogic members toward their leader, no matter what they do. It is not honour.

1 Corinthians 5:1 KJV It is reported commonly that there is fornication among you, and such fornication as is not so much as named among the Gentiles.

What a mess.. Pastor Earl Carter alleges a photo of Bishop Charles Blake on his knees has surfaced, and he was not praying, according to Carter.

Well contrary to the above photo of Blake’s kneeling at church, a new and upcoming photo will show Church of God in Christ presiding Bishop Blake on his knees performing sexual act with another man in hidden photo to be revealed in court by Earl Carter. The photo was allegedly  sent to Superintendent Carter by a witness who will testify in court . In recent weeks Carter has released a surplusage of information for the upcoming lawsuit, whereby he prepares  against Charles Blake of the Church of God in Christ.  One of Carter’s  witnesses is former cogic member and retired pastor, Thomas Cross who also alleges that a late professor, and openly gay minster by the name of  Peter Gomes confirmed that he had sexual relations with Blake. Cross alleges Professor Gomes revealed the surprising information amongst several ministers at an interdenominational fellowship meet in  Massachusetts. While connecting the puzzles to the apparent scheme, may have been obvious,  Gomes ministered at the West Angeles church and issues of Gomes homosexual life was proposed that Blake must have known whom he was inviting to preach.

Peter Gomes (top), Charles Blake (below)


COGIC website esteems  all the following bishops as “Right Reverend”


These people are a joke. As sarcastic as  the  ‘right reverend’ may sound, each general board member  are listed with  “The Right Reverend” in front each of their names on the Cogic page..  It looks quite filled with sardonicism. It is mockery  of 12 apostles, and they are clothed in unrighteousness catholic attire vestments. According to Ms. Gayle who is a Jew, many of the Roman catholic attires were taken from Israelean Jewish custom as a mockery.


COGIC often classify their bishops and pastors as automatically a “Men of God” for their throne of office in the organization. I remember several ministers telling the congregants to say “He is a man of God”, and to those who died  repeat “he was a man of God”.   They will wear it out, especially at funeral services.   1Timothy 3:2 gives full detail in the KJV that a bishop then must be blameless. It gives great description. These are not examples of men of God described who currently leads the organization for filthy lucre.


Bishop PA Brooks


Earl Carter depicts Charles Blake’s first and second assistant as both crooks. In a Youtube video, Carter claps to a homemade tune of  “Brooks is a crook. He’s a crook, he’s a crook


Jerry Macklin

According to the Carter’s Youtube video, second presiding Bishop Jerry  Macklin is  a crook, and an adulterer with minor children from his affairs including a  child as young as primary age, while  he is the office of bishop in the Church of God in Christ?!

Earl Carter mentions William Mcray as Williamina in the video. William Mcary is reportedly an ordained minister in the Cogic and expressively flamboyant in effeminacy.  Thomas Cross received a phone call thinking it was woman named Regina, only to find out it was not a woman but Mcray, the blogger.  Mcray reportedly called to detour and inquire on why  Cross and Earl Carter were exploiting the right reverend Bishop Charles Blake.

Carter may be revealing quite an over abundance of information prior to the trial. What would be left to tell the judge?  It is important to know that system he faces the courts.It is the  world’s system. COGIC is apart of that.  The commandment have been taken down in church and court. COGIC coincides well with it.  They are extra preparatory in the wicked system of the inside.  Cogic operates in payoffs,  and Carter well vouches not to give in to that according to his statements. Hopefully his witness will as well, ensuring if Carter is about a good work then it needs to be exposed without being able to allow money to stop their mouth.

Earl Carter alleges that a woman moved from California to Virginia and confided in a Bishop David Wright that her grandson was raped by Charles Blake.

Psalms 12:8 KJV The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted. Babylon is falling


doing baphomet



Earl Carter who plans to hold up evidence in court  ends his 7000 club broadcast with, “All you wicked folks have a bad day” were his word.

It is apparent Earl Carl stayed in the wickedness of Cogic, if Blake had not ousted him.  He would still be there. Carter mentioned all of this could have been resolved if he had been restored. He heard story of Blake molesting kids and did not address them to his brother, while he was in Cogic. He is rendering evil for evil after being oust.He may not have known full detail but his men’s rea knew the perdition was going on. He  likely had ample time to address in over decades and having served seven years under Blake. Who would have wanted to be restored into in unrighteousness?  Carter was pastoring 40 years, possibly looking forward to retirement in it. It should not have been. It collapse all at once. It did. The people should not have been depended upon. It was to the extent that he did not know what to do financially.Church of God in Christ cannot be your source of income.God has to be the source for the believers. We must speak the truth.

Revelation  14:1 KJV Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.