This young woman needs prayer and deliverance. Please pray for her and the many others. She needs help. The things viewed in the video is an example of what is viewed as the norm. It is a bigger picture of the aftermath of Sunday’s Best. It is about money and not a committed lifestyle unto Jesus Christ. They could care less. It is a Hollywood theatrics and shamble.  Leandria went after money.   A primary goal of the industry is making money and not drawing people hearts unto Christ. It is quite the opposite, and they are not about being crucified life with Christ.  People are following Leandria as an artist and as a pastor.  Leandria winning Sunday’s Best was a sacrifice for her father church foreclosure/lost. Deuteronomy talks about having your children pass through the fire.  I am unsure of what kind of household she grew up in internally, but pastoring on Sunday or whenever and drinking Patron is not a good example to the kids who were sent downstairs nor anyone following her. The prevalence of having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof.  Why is there a denying, a denying God’s power to changes lives?. The work of God is not for naught. God’s power can deliver. That is a testimony.  We do not have to be bondage to sin any longer.
While His grace is sufficient, it is not to be abused. Romans 6:1 KJV What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? God forbid.  Living in a real world? Yes, I have to go work, and I have to go to work.  You eat, and I eat. You have to go the bathroom, and I have to go the bathroom. I talk to my neighbor, and you may talk to yours. I have to pay bills, and you have to pay yours. The list goes on.  That is plain and simple. It is apparent and conducive to almost anybody who is living and breathing. The walk of Christ is not about using the excuse of living in a real world to do things contrary to the Bible.  It is about being a witness of his power.  Swearing and cussing, drinking(alcohol), mocking the things of God are not. That is not the way you want God to find you while claiming that you did many things in his name, (sing, preach, prayed, prophesied). You may pay the bill at your house, $4250 ( which is a lot), but you are also supposed to be representing Jesus Christ. Andria’s gospel singing, being ordained to pastorship by her father is all disgruntled activity, and the smoking, drinking, cursing, swearing and mocking the things of God is an associative way of showing that you live in a real world? It is rebellion.  Why is living by the Bible being old religion, and the manifestation of idolatry is more susceptible to the idea of living in a real world, being known as real people. There come falling away.   Except ye repent, ye all shall likewise perish. What then shall you do with this man called Jesus?

Surrender, invite him in, pray, turn away from evil, wicked ways and get to know him in a real way through his word.