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John Gibson,  a professor  at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, took his life.  He was also listed as pastor. According CNN, on August 24 hackers exposed the names of millions seeking adulterous affairs through the Ashley Madison’s website.  Pastor Gibson’s name was on the list.  Six days later he committed suicide. His wife Christi discovered his body as she was coming home from work. She called her children and gave them the news about their father. His daughter,  Callie was teaching in front of 250 students when she got the news.  According to the interview, Gibson left a note regarding the shame he felt about being on the Ashley Madison.

Gibson’s wife expressed that John was worried about losing his job.  However, wife Christi grapples to assuring that their relationship could have been fixed and healed if he had not committed suicide.   He was a husband, as well as the father of two.