Jasmin Sculark has been removed, overthrown or cut from the pastoral position at Jericho City Baptist Church. She leaves after just one year as senior pastor of the Maryland-based ministry. Prior to that, she pastored Shiloh Baptist Church in PA for a little over ten years. In the past Sculark even allegedly applied at Td’s Potter’s House years ago but was not selected for the fulfillment of the position.   The Trinidad and Tobago Minister appeared on The  Young Ministers Corner revealing that she tried imitating Rita Twiggs (formerly of the Potter House) and Dr. Booth.  Sculark gave a  description of the clothing she likes to wear.  “You know you’re not a preacher without a Michael Sahi suit,” says Sculark jokingly.  Now those who keep up with fashion may have known that Michael Sahi is a men’s clothing designer. It may not take a microscope to see that Sculark frequently wears men’s clothes.  Tyler Perry is a man who likes to wear woman’s clothes. They were both together on stage at Potter’s House.  There Tyler was laying hands on Td Jakes

“I was imitating Dr. Boot to the point that  I was loosening a tie that I did not even have on,” says Sculark. She struggled to reach her niche amongst the colleagues and predecessors in the ministry until she was wondering who she was supposed to be.  She began by saying in the interview; I don’t  need another Juanita Bynum, Millicent Hunter…   Sculark was a featured as act on the stage of Td’s Woman Thou Art Loosed Conference and Mega Mess 2013. The following year, she was installed as senior pastor of the Jericho City Church on September 2014


The walls of Jericho came tumbling down.

Joel Peebles and Betty Peebles

In 1992, Myles Munroe was invited to Jericho City. There he prophesied and laid hands on  Bishop Joel Peebles.  You have not graduated but are just beginning. Munroe proceeded to say people will bow at his feet, so one of the ministers began to bow at Joel.  The purpose of mentioning this is not because Munroe is deceased,  but his teachings depicted  Jesus Christ in the manner of selfishness. Munroe implied that Jesus preached his kingdom instead of his Father who sent him? confusion. The Jericho City church was in more of a bitter chaos for pastoral fulfillment, after the deaths of Bishop James Peebles and later his wife Dr.  Betty Peebles, founders of the ministry. One of the sons named Joel Peebles was pastoring.   It is very inconsistent. As for the church, there is always consistent chaotic drama over there. There is a video recording that showing what appears to be a staged act.  A few members at the praying at the altar (at perhaps mid-day/noonday prayer),  and some time after police barges in for Joel Peebles and the perspectives to vacate the premises on trespassing. It did not look real. There was also a news video of Joel Peebles being arrested from the church. The arrest called for by Pastor Michael Freeman?.  Connections!  Jericho City is always a spurious story. Dr. Jazz was installed as Pastor of Jericho City last year and is seen bowing to Td Jakes*Who are the rest of the men in black? Dr. Booth, John Jenkins, Alfred Owens. They are all connected.

. jasmins


Excerpts from Pastor Jasmin Sculark’s interview with the Young Preachers Corner

“Just because your name is on the marquee does not mean you are in their heart. It takes some time to get your name off the marquee and into their hearts. I think my downfall is patience in pastoring. They say it takes 5-7 years to turn a traditional Baptist church in the right direction. I said turn it, not move it. Just let them think about going. Turn it! They ain’t moving yet(as Sculark sighs) 5-7 years in the other direction.”- Jasmin Sculark


Joel Peebles seen above with his wife was consecrated as bishop  in January 2014. He  received a ring, prophecy and the laying on of hands by  Bishop Joby Brady.

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Joby Brady is under  Bishop T.D. Jakes ministries.

It is counterfeit. They are sent and not by God.

Is there any significance in his comparison role of Grand Pubbah?

Dr. Jasmin Jazz Sculark is now seeking volunteers for her ministry, according to her web page. Do not support them.

She explains that Jamal Bryant gave definition to her nickname Jazz. Men blow the trumpet, woman play the saxophone?, says Dr. Jazz.

After a year in the senior pastoral position at Jericho City of Praise,  Jasmin Sculark gets the boot and launches her own Victory Grace Center Church. Jasmin Sculark’s official statement according Washington Post is regarded as follows:
“I have been honored to pastor at Jericho City of Praise for this past year and serve the congregation and community. I am not, nor have I ever been involved in any way, directly nor indirectly in any of the legal battles surrounding the church and the Board of Directors.  All of the legal cases predate my arrival to Jericho City of Praise.”

Sculark’s Victory Grace grand opening is on September 6, 2015, at Bladensburg high school in Maryland. The promo video features, My name is Victory?Dr. Jazz says she will still be in DMV, (not department of motor vehicle).

Building up Jericho? Joshua 6:26 KJV And Joshua adjured them at that time, saying, Cursed be the man before the Lord, that riseth up and buildeth this city Jericho.

The Wall of Jericho fell.

The children of Israel marched around it the seven times. The Word of Lord proceeds in the same chapter (KJV); And seven priests shall bear before the ark seven trumpets of rams’ horns: and the seventh day ye shall compass the city seven times, and the priests shall blow with the trumpets.

It came tumbling down. It was destroyed.