If you wondering about the sideways cross they explain as is symbolizing Jesus carrying the cross? The church assembling place seen in the above photo maybe quite convenient to some people. We have covered this topic before. It is the Drive In Christian Church of Daytona, Florida. Get out your lounge chairs or sit back, recline and enjoy worship service from the comfort of your car? Drive in church is providing roadside service?   The following information is rendered via the church’s website.  Services typically last for about 55 minutes. You are welcome to come dressed as you like. We offer indoor worship in the Friendship Hall located in the center of the property. There are also several outdoor seating areas for you to worship outside of your vehicles in the comfort of the shade.  Krispy Kreme donuts and coffee are offered  before and after service. Are services on a projector screen? No there is no longer a movie screen on the property.  The minister, choir, pianist, and organist are all located on the 2nd story of the Altar Building (A-Frame building).  You can see the balcony from just about anywhere on the property. What if it’s too hot, too cold, or rainy? Church services happen no matter what the weather is like!  If you would like a climate controlled experience then we invite you to sit inside of Friendship Hall for worship.  Otherwise, you’re welcome to sit in your car, on one of the many benches provided, or bring a chair and sit under a tree! 

Worship coordinator aboard in golf carts

Worship coordinator aboard golf carts

We’re a casual congregation – so dress for the weather and enjoy! 

During the summer they offered for the kids to “join babylon” according to the website, they explained it as something developed for kids to venture into understanding the life of Daniel in the lions den.