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Pastor E. Dewey Smith of the Greater Travelers  Rest Baptist Church has now spoken in regards of the supreme court decision to legalize  same-sex marriage. Dewey Smith refers to those who oppose the decision as homophobic. He  compared the ideas of opposing same sex marriage as a slave mentality and dehumanization.  His next statements were quite similar to the several videos of  Obama criticizing Leviticus, Deuteronomy and sermon on the Mount.  Minister Dewey began to state, You say homosexuality is an abomination from Leviticus,  right after eating shrimp, catfish and lobster. He  also rebutted that wearing wool-blend suits (mix linens) are possibly quite no different from homosexual?  Bishop Dewey sarcastically mentioned how many songs would be ministered if they checked to see which songs were written by gay artists and directors.  If being to acquire songs from artists and the radio station is what the worship service is about it is not much of one because that would not glorify God. What is he talking about?!  The true service of the Lord is not and has not been dependent on that.   Would not they sing the word of God? Making melodies in your heart unto the Lord is what the Bible says.   While Smith is being shunned by some, he is being called an advocate hero of the lgbt. It was something behind his statements.

Who sparked Dewey Smith’s outrage? Though he spoke forceful opposing viewpoints, it may have been indirectly targeted at a specific bishop whose name was not given in the video clip.  The last statement Dewey made in the video clip was,

Bishop, don’t tell me what the Bible says about homosexual, and you change wives like we change underwear. Sit your hypocritical self down somewhere.-Dewey Smith


Bishop Dewey and Greater Travelers congregation church moved into the once owned property of Cathedral at Chapel Hill where the late Bishop Earl Paulk  was pastor for many years. Td Jakes was premiered on national scene at the church. It was an lgbt church before the end. Bishop Earl Paul was a child molester, and incurred numerous adulterous affair. After Earl Paulk died, many people thought Donnie Paulk was depicted as Earl’s nephew, but it was later revealed that he was really Bishop Earl Paulk’s son. Donnie carried over church, before the foreclosure issues. He professed to be pro same-sex.  Don later went under ministry of his cousin Jim Swiley (openly announced gay pastor) who pastors Church in the Now. Cathedral at Chapel Hill is now home of the Greater Travelers Rest Church with Dewey Smith. Dewey gained more exposure through  T.D. Jakes Man Power 2013, and he is also a fraternal member. The prominent minister of his Decatur area is seen as a bridge of the gap between generations. In the bridging gaps service, Pastor Dewey can be seen featuring hits of the secular artist Temptation, Prince, hip-hop artists and many of  secular artist. Each generation comes to dance on the altar to which ever secular song matches of their generation in which they were born. For  the congregants who were unsure if dancing to secular hits on the Lord’s altar was a godly thing to do,  Bishop Dewey Smith shouts on the microphone, “  Come on, it only comes once a year.You ain’t going to go hell just for this 5 minutes.”


Smith gained media attention in staged feature, wherein  many thought he prayed someone back to life. This man is working for Satan. He was doing the devil sign in the service, as he speaking about the man.

E.Dewey Smith

E.Dewey Smith

He is a very evil man. Dewey Smith is a minister of Satan. John 8:44 Kjv Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. 2 Corinthians 11:13 KJV  For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of ChristDoes he care about the souls of men? No.  Smith is hireling of Greater Traveler’s church which was established nearly 140 year old ago .  His recent video statement refutes the Bible, and it raises concern to what his purpose as he clearly agrees with unrighteousness. He is an hireling, and careth NOT for the sheep.