There is a fairly new gospel artist named Travis Malloy. Malloy is arising on the national music scene, and some are calling him the next Next Kirk Franklin. In the midst of what some thought to be a  worship song unto the Lord with “I love you, Jesus, Jesus went to Calvary to save a wretch like you in me”. Soon after that, it spiraled into a worship unto the late r&b singer Aaliyah Haughton. Why is Travis being compared to Kirk Franklin? Although Kirk Franklin does not sing by his own admission,  Malloy is still being compared to him.  On the basis of their likeness, familiar spirits and implanting deception into the music, as Franklin has been doing for the last 20 years with consistent sales$. In this video, Travis Malloy used a voice synthesizer and candidly maneuvered to samples the track of Aaliyah Haughton’s, “One in a Million’”. According to Aaliyah’s biography in the encyclopedia,  the original Arabic and Jewish name “Aliya” derived from a Hebrew word “aliyah”, and meant “highest, most exalted one, the best. Aaliyah and several passengers died in a 2001 plane crash explosion, shortly after departing Abaco Islands, Bahamas after completing her music video,  “Rock the Boat”.

The type of spirit this young lady carried,  drove fans into a frenzy(shaking) after the news of her death. The stories reminded me of the Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and The Beatles.The hysteria was demonic and of the spirit realm. If you have seen some of the people that did not know them, but it was fans, who ready to hurt themselves.  As I read what her name means, it probably adds more definition to it.

Travis Malloy’s song received an ovation comment as such

Beautifully done, I’m sure she  (Aaliyah) would’ve loved your version

Someone who knows the truth about what Travis Malloy’s did with the song stated:

This is not glorifying God. It’s a worldly song that just added Jesus name to it. That doesn’t make it a praise and worship song. Don’t be deceived by the enemy’s devices.. Smh..


That is what the gospel industry represents. It is a rather destructive path, and it is not unto  The True and Living God. That is what a majority of the artists are today and their environment.  Malloy’s YouTube features Travis doing anything from amazing grace, to gospel in some videos, to secular artist songs on the next video, and other videos show him leading worship at Mt. Ararat Baptist. Is Travis an inclusionist looking for a big break into the industry? Malloy is being managed by Shawn Stockman of the Boyz II Men’s R&B group.   Malloy’s Facebook profile photo is below.


Malloy’s facebook profile