WE TV star Tina Campbell of the gospel duo MaryMary, released book titled,  I need a day to pray, as well as her own solo debut titled, It’s Personal. Mary-Mary did release the ‘god in me’ song which caused quite a controversial stir. god in me,and you could have asked Tina about the god in her.  

I’ve been so low that I wanted to die, kill my children, kill my husband and kill everybody and go out with a bang because life was that bad,” says Tina Campbell after the infidelity of her husband Teddy


Mary Mary’s lyrics “It’s the god in me… When it comes to money”( Fame, Fortune) . While the notion of ‘it’s the god in me gather new age definition not encumbering of salvation and holiness, and Erica defined the goal.

 Erica Campbell says, anybody that you see killing and doing it big,  it is the god in them. It’s that god factor..

Mark 8:38KJV For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?   41-year-old artist’s debut album features collaborations with secular r&b singer Stevie Wonder,Teddy Campbell, Erica Campbell, Warryn and Donald Lawrence, which earned top spot on billboard gospel charts. While Tina’s releases allows for further publicity stunts after the alleged infidelity,  during Tina’s video interview with her husband, she speaks about being more submissive to her husband even in response. After months of fighting depression and suicidal thoughts. and reviviving relationship with God. They realize that the industry, is not what it is made out to be with glitz and glamours of it, but they have not gave it up. It will certainly not be found in the industry which they are sold out to. This is one of the many things of people are selling out for. Some person actually wrote on the craigslist that they would sell their souls and do whatever it takes to become famous in the music industry.