Preach show is allegedly cancelled after about 15,000 petitions were signed to boycott the controversial show.


Tachina Carter seen alongside husband

Tachina Carter of San Francisco Christian reportedly started the petition citing the harm it would do to the body Christ to aire the show. The show the featured chest bumping evangelist

Evangelist prophetess Taketa Williams

Evangelist prophetess Taketa Williams

, mockery of Christians and the  mockery of the spirit of God by Belinda Scott and other cast members. Many  opposers of the show joined Carter’s petitioning.  Pastor Belinda Scott who was likely upset about the interence of her money and fame, stated that, True victory is being able to bounce back after an attack, as she let out fustrustation regarding the new show being put to a hault, and states she did nothing offensive in her open letter on facebook. She stated Tachina will have to answer to God for her motive.

belindascThe cancellation was well needed, and in fact there are many other shows standing in need of cancellation as well. It is evident these would people will do anything for money. There was an alleged report of monetary payments for participating actors of the mockery show, so the money was an issue as well. Well the other prophetess of the show,  Kelly Crews and Linda Roark are selling books releases, and  Taketa Williams and husband Elder Williams were selling prayer clothes in exchange for a $111 seed donation on the Word Networktaketasprayercloths111 , $99 confident woman’s conference, a $99 early registration tickets to a prophetic session, and boom t-shirts available up to size 5x large.