Pastor and producer Warryn Campbell who was raised in the Apostolic and his wife Erica who was raised in the Church of God in Christ have started their own ministry a few months ago called,  California Worship Center. Now church branching may have came by surprise, Erica allegedly committed adultery sometime back as well, they were able to work past it. They had been holding bible studies prior to the official start California Worship Center.  According to the website, Pastor Warryn was ordained by Bishop Kenneth Ulmer.  The  services are being held in the James Madison Middle School in North Hollywood. Warryn Campbell who produces both secular and gospel spoke on how  everything is categorized, but contrarily God is supernatural and not in a box. Is this a money stunt? Yes it is. At one point in another of his services he stated if you love, you will give. One of his demonstration included telling the congregation to take a piece paper, essentially imagine all the pain they had experienced was on it,  ball the paper up and come to the altar and throw as far as they could to cast all their cares.

Rhetoric poetry, a means of speaking or writing effectively and persuasively, usually formulated by critics, according to Merriam’s Webster Dictionary.


I love God is now  I luh God? It is not just slang. It is does not mean the same thing as love. She is playing around.That is why church is becoming joke to people.  The 43 year-old first lady Erica Campell’s ‘I luh God’ rap video is below.

Erica, you don’t love God. What is wrong with you?! Money is your god. You look like the world. You can’t even say you Love.  This video is a shame. We are to be salt and light in the earth. Jesus said, if ye love me,  keep my commandments.

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