Nick and Sarah Jensen who are both in their early 30’s are a married couple from  Australia. They have vowed to get a divorce if gay marriage is legalized. They have recently celebrated 10 years of marriage,  and they also have two children, ages three and one,  Micah  and Bethany.

’10 years ago we made an agreement with the state about what marriage was, and that was that it is a fundamental order of creation and part of God’s intimate story for human history, man and woman for the sake of children, faithful for life,’If the state goes down the line of changing this definition and changing the terms of that contract then that Is something we can no longer partake in.

“This has been a big decision for my wife and I. Some will accuse of us being bigoted or too hateful to share. But this couldn’t be further from our intentions,” he wrote in his op-ed. “The truth is, ‘marriage’ is simply too important. It is a sacred institution, ordained by God … Any attempt to change the definition of marriage by law is not something in which we are able to partake

The Australia Parliament is set to vote on the marriage equality bill  by the end of the year. While the concern is understandable and commendable, considering the atrocities of same-sex legalization, but what does that have the decision have to do with their marriage and inside their household. It really sounds like something else is going on in the relationship. Also what an effect the divorce could have on the children as well.  Being married could be a quality example for the children to see how man and woman in the househould is really supposed to be,  rather than vice versa(same gender couples) which they may see on the streets.