Featured video has a secular hit playing,  as the Jacksonville, Fl Baptist pastor hits the dance floor with worldly dances from what appeared to be the Jungle boogie, bounce and it just kept going. What in the world. The other pastor has created his own bible, Introduction to the Bible.  Is an introduction necessary to Genesis 1:1 in the beginning  really necessary?! Selfie Sunday(?whatever that is?) snapshots were taken while preaching, and congregational member posted snapshots stating , since I  follow leadership (snapshot)! Poor leadership.    Temptations, What in the world?! What an example. Lead us not into temptation. Why are they pastors? With no lifestyle of Christ, these ministers in the video are only coming  and leading church for protocol tradition, not to mention the $ 501c3 which keeps them going.     Wow. No difference? Those ministers in the clip have no preserved honour and respect for God nor the people, but rather leading the flock astray.Not saved people.  I was reminded of a scripture pertained to the application of honouring mother and father and when the child does not adhere to it, but the same can be said of what is being done by these pastors and their commission of honouring God our heavenly Father and when the command is not upheld,   Thus have ye made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition. Essentially, what are they attending church for, if no accompanying lifestyle of Christ is to be found and if he is to abandoned for  the old life.  Baptist is not and should not be an excuse from any other. The  501c3 funds are engulfing many of the churches today. While I do not know either of these pastors, it is evident their actions is not of Christ. If you live there, or attend pastor do these things seriously consider not attending. The Bible does call them  blind leaders. They are leading people astray. It is really a shame. Pray for the hearts to turn unto Christ Jesus.