The Pastor Marvin Sapp may be looking for more controversy.  This comes after series of stories related to Sapp including the  Kandi Burrus story, and later on his encounters with the missing doctor Teleka Patrick whose church membership was revoked and later she was found drowned to death allegedly.

Listed Upscale Restaurant Ruth Chris?

Pastor Marvin Sapp sought attention on a media post for being put out of Ruth Chris Restaurant.  While it sound unseemly to literally kick someone out of the clothes,  Marvin Sapp’s statement regarding Ruth Chris’s restaurant response of only serving people in business attire is somewhat synonymous with Wikipedia’s statement  on the restaurant’s dress code although it does not sound mandated, ‘The dress code is usually a range from business/dressy to business casual’. It may be questionable if he came there dressed in non business casual attire  based on his previous visits to the chain of restaurants and being able to get by with it until reaching that location? Sapp relates  he and his party were not seated, while others were there dressed in ripped jeans, possibly implying others received some sort of favoritism  (whether it was because they had eaten there before, family , friends of workers or  racism etc).  They may have been asked to leave as well. Sapp did not say what the difference in him and the others whom he felt were allowed to stay, but the viralness is of course hinting towards racism, as some fans left Yelp reviews based on Pastor Marvin’s visit. Years past, Marvin Sapp himself asked for first class treatment of  limousine escort chauferring  while in town on ministerial engagements. Why is the recording singer/pastor who thrives off the prestige of 3 million dollar net-worth  dressed in holey or ripped jeans? citing … We had on the same thing? He pictured the general manager’s business card, but did not show how they were dressed. That could have better shown what was going on. The Ruth Chris restaurant is not church  and  Pastor Sapp did not get a hardy welcome as you are with open arms treatment, not  heart wise nor clothes, as he possibly expected?