Plastic surgery derives from the Greek language identifying with sculpting, reshaping, remolding. It is not the McDonald’s hamburger this time going across the screen which was not of particular interests to me, but it was highly enticing in the advertisement.  I am speaking of the cosmetic plastic surgeries were at one point highly publicized on t.v. by celebrities maybe the rich, Christian celebrities and even others now.  The transgender person  pictured above was a user of the homemade cosmetic surgery.  Now plastic surgeries is not something just for the serious disfigured medical issue cases, but now it is a common place decision for anyone coveting of some celebrity or any given reason just to permanently change original design of what they never looked like anyway thus never apart of the design God created for them. Cosmetic surgeries will vary in cost,  and the result could be achieved efficiently such as wider eyes, luscious lips, nose jobs, botox cheeks and not limited there but other areas of the body as well.

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Many patients were reluctant to admit plastic surgeries and would rather kept secret, although some of the permanent changes were can be  dramatically noticeable. While results could be achieved which  they were seeking, but the after effects  may well leave things all twisted up and may honestly cause more damage done than good, amongst these well noticeable changes to the facial features. It is not well., natural. We have noticed a number of gospel artist and preachers cleaving to it.  It  just looks better leaving it alone.  It is he that hath made us and not we ourselves.

Ole Anthony cited as a “Christian Watchdog”, referred that Paula and Randy White divorced probably who had the best plastic surgery? I do not know about that, but it is something that has gone viral. No I am not talking about the gap that Kirk Franklin used have  neither the highly noticeable bleach toned applied to Td Jakes that has made him a wide array of tones lighter but of the plastic surgeries.



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There are many others. They really do not look the same or not favor themselves much. These were not really old pictures of these people,  understanding that people will get older as all will if we keep living. Knowing the our bodies are temple of God, temple of the Holy Ghost expressed in Corinthians, we supposed to take care of it.  We do not want to witness looking bad, if we can help it.  There is nothing wrong with helping yourself look nice, we want to age gracefully,  but some the artists may be proponents of plastic cosmetic surgeries to blatantly seen in the circumstantial extremity likely geared to the  habit of their fame. That is what the popular majority is after.  Wow, nearly physical part being contortionalized.  Let us leave something our potter created as a thank you.

Isaiah 64:8KJV But now, O LORD, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand.