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There was a thing called spirit week implemented into school wherein students  would be mix- match day, 60,70,80’s day, and wear your pajamas to school day. That was just an absolute no, no.. Why allow the students go to school looking who did it and what for? The spirit week was just strange clothing throughout the week which was usually done in the junior middle school  and high school level, but there is a fairly new implementation to the elementary as well wherein students are being required to do backwards such as walk  backwards, even down the stairs which is  physically dangerous. Why place kids in classrooms and all over the school to have the participate in the backwards program? Despite the neuroscience aspects, these practices are really not sharpening nor expanding the brain functionality primarily. Just teach them. Are children at some scheduled appointment with a therapy class  to repair some neurological sensors?! It is really not. I believe it is hypnosis.  I learned that schools that were placing students in classrooms and once the teacher spells out S-T-I-L-L, the entire class stops whatever they are doing and become still as a board until the teacher says resume. They are at school to learn, but more likely some hypnosis idea imposed(I will talk about particular instance later). The matter of children walking backwards is likely irrational to the kids. They do not know why they are doing it. Some children are perhaps crying, upset, acting up and the parents are wondering why unbeknown that the child has been walking backwards basically all day at school. Some children actually repeat what they did in school and could walk backwards in the street to get hit by a car while doing such foolish things.   Now I know people have to back up their cars to get out the drive way, but this walking backwards idea and especially having all the kids to do it well,  that is of the devil. Learning of instances wherein hidden messages were placed in the backwards masking of music, we are well aware of such cunning deceitful methods. Also in some witchcraft practices letters are written backwards and to  opponent to invoke spells upon them. Isaiah 5:20 King James Bible Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! They are hypnotizing the students. Carlsbad school in 1992 banned an hypnotist from coming to the school because a 14 year-old girl was so out of her mind after the show. The child was sent to local hospital to brought out of that hypnotic trance.