There were some angry parents who protested against the following curriculum.

Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum will change September 2015. Here’s what will be taught:

  • Grade 1: Children will learn to identify body parts using the correct terminology for genitalia.
  • Grade 2: Students will receive instruction on the basic stages of human development.
  • Grade 3: Lessons begin on gender identity and sexual orientation.
  • Grade 4: Teachers will provide descriptions of physical changes that occur at puberty and address cyber and face-to-face bullying, including homophobia.
  • Grade 5: Parts of the reproductive system will be covered in lessons.
  • Grade 6: Students will discuss masturbation and negative gender stereotypes.
  • Grade 7: Teachers are to introduce the concept of consent. Sexually transmitted diseases and risks around teen pregnancy will also be incorporated in lessons.
  • Grade 8: Students will learn about contraception, sexual intimacy and decisions about sexual activity

Is the school the place to learn about these things the birds and the bees and  utter foolish? While it was a parent’s option to opt out family life and sex education classes allowing students to leave the classroom, it could be larger part of the curriculum.  The Bible says to train up the child in the way he should go Proverbs 22KJV. Many are vouching that the sex ed needs to be taught for preventative measures against diseases and pregnancy, but that encourages sexual fornications and immoralities rather than forbidding the practices, so  others hold a stance more towards abstinence and appeal to believe school is not the place to learn about it all (listed above).