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CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — The South Carolina prosecutor handling the trial of a white former police officer charged with killing a black man said Thursday she will remain on the case although activists in North Charleston want her to step aside.

Charleston-area solicitor Scarlett Wilson released a statement saying she will continue to prosecute Michael Slager, charged with murder in the April 4 shooting death of 50-year-old Walter Scott. The shooting was captured on dramatic cellphone video recorded by a man walking and reignited the national debate over the shooting of blacks by white police officers.

Earlier Thursday, community leaders from North Charleston called on Wilson to step aside.

The Rev. James Johnson of the National Action Network and Thomas Dixon of People United Take Back Our Community told reporters Wilson works too closely with the North Charleston Police Department to ensure a fair trial in the case of Slager.

“This is too important. The eyes of the world are looking,” Johnson said during a news conference outside the Charleston County Courthouse. “That relationship Ms. Wilson has with all the police departments around here is too close.”

“We think it’s time for true transparency,” Dixon added. “In order to have the appearance of appropriate action, we’re asking her to step away.”

The two leaders said they will write Attorney General Alan Wilson asking him to appoint a prosecutor from outside the area to try the case.

But Wilson said she will continue to prosecute Slager.

“My mission is to seek justice in this case through the vigorous enforcement of the law in a reasonable, honest and efficient manner,” her statement said.

Victim’s father Walter Scott Sr, suggests son Jr. ran because he owed several thousands in child support. Reports alleged he was shot 8 times. Officer Slager laughs on video tape conversation released with pregnant wife. On the voice recording she asks was the victim ok, and Slager says yes, knowing very well the victim was dead? Feidin Satana who was a bystander recorded the ordeal on video as it took place and turned it into the victim’s family, citing he would have wanted somebody to do that for his family.  Were these young victim’s taking the sword and perishing with the sword, in some life they lived or even their display to the cops?  On the other hands are these officers of interest in these cases handling things properly, even if they thought they had stopped potential suspects whom they felt displayed levels of defiance?  Surely not. When should these weaponless  people who are running away from harms way be shot to death?  Do they get everyone they are after? Officer Keith assured to me that they do not get them all, years ago as I observed what their job encompasses. That does not mean they are not doing their job but it shows an officer is one person, and if a person is doing something wrong it usually comes up again perhaps on their shift or some other officers work shift. It certainly foreceable by the Scott Slager case others like it, if it is not going to be handled appropriately from littering, to dim tale lights etc. leave it for someone else because it could cause more harm than good.  Slager accredits his actions to his adrenaline rush.  Report suggest that in that state Slager would have needed  to went into the case with premeditation for it to have been murder, thus the reason he is facing  manslaughter charges.  It is  senseless; klling people and it is of the devil.  Officer Slager who is now in custody, but acts if nothing has happen as he asked how his baby was doing. His baby is probably fine, but he needs to be there in the cell thinking about what he had done to Walter Scott. Slager’s  behavior is likely disgrace to any officers who are actually trying to protect people.  News reports reveals Officer Slager’s wife will still receive assistance until the child is born. Beyond that, for those who do not know the system to which they work is fraternal society. Another story below.


William Chapman (victim)

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (AP) – A Portsmouth police officer has shot and killed an 18-year-old man in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

Portsmouth Detective Misty Holley says the shooting happened Wednesday morning. When paramedics arrived about 10 minutes after the officer reported the shooting, the man was pronounced dead.

Virginia State Police are leading the investigation into the shooting. State Police say the Portsmouth officer was responding to a call that the man had shoplifted. State police say the man was shot after a scuffle.

The officer has been placed on administrative leave.

Wednesday’s incident was the second fatal police-involved shooting in Portsmouth within a month. On March 24, an officer fatally shot a drug suspect who fled when police attempted to question him.

Victim Chapman’s mother called police station after not seeing her son since night before , and finds out the ultimate news her son killed by officer and concurs they would not tell her the rest of the story. He was suspect of shoplifting. I cannot explain the defiance, but these young victims are more  probably frightened with all the incidents and that sets influence on their reactions. 

Next story is cited as an alleged accident?

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Brooklyn, NY (News Max)- Unarmed 28-year-oldAkai Gurley was accidentally shot dead by a rookie police officer in Brooklyn who was walking with his gun drawn in a dark stairwell in a crime-ridden housing complex. Gurley and his girlfriend were leaving the building.”What happened last night was a very unfortunate tragedy,” Police Commissioner William Bratton said, The Associated Press reported. “The deceased is totally innocent. He just happened to be in the hallway. He was not engaged in any criminal activity.”The shooting occurred late Thursday night as 26-year-old Officer Peter Liang and another rookie officer patrolled the Louis Pink Houses in Brooklyn’s gritty East New York neighborhood.

The New York Police Department assigns rookie officers as reinforcements in parts of the city that have seen increases in crime. The housing project, where Gurley’s girlfriend lives, was the scene of a recent shooting, robberies and assaults.The officers had descended onto an eighth-floor landing when, 14 steps away, Gurley and his girlfriend had opened a door into the seventh-floor landing after giving up their wait for the elevator so he could head to the lobby. The lights were burned out in the stairwell, leaving it “pitch black” and prompting both officers to use flashlights, Bratton said.Liang, for reasons unclear, also had his gun drawn, police said. He was about 10 feet from Gurley when, without a word and apparently by accident, he fired a shot, police said. In general, officers have discretion on whether to draw their weapons based on what they are encountering or believe they may encounter, Bratton said.
Gurley’s girlfriend, Melissa Butler, told the Daily News she was walking him out of her seventh-floor apartment after braiding his hair when the shooting happened.”He didn’t do nothing wrong,” Butler said. “He was just standing there, and they shot him.”

She and Gurley made it down two flights of stairs after he was shot, but he collapsed on the fifth-floor landing and lost consciousness, she said.

Gurley was taken to a nearby hospital, where he died, police said.

Gurley’s stepfather, Kenneth Palmer, said officials called his relatives in Jacksonville, Florida, to notify them of the death.

“What’s hitting me on the head right now is how it happened,” Palmer said. “The mood I’m in is pissed off.”

Gurley’s mother and his daughter’s mother, who is not his girlfriend, were to speak Saturday at the Harlem headquarters of the Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network.

Police officials pieced together the details of the shooting from radio reports and interviews with the girlfriend and the second officer, but they said they have not spoken to Liang. The officer must first be interviewed by the district attorney’s office, which will decide whether to file criminal charges, before internal affairs officers can question him, a standard policy.

The shooting comes at a time when the NYPD, the nation’s biggest police department, is changing how rookie officers are used fresh out of the academy to give them more training and time with more senior officers. It also reinforced what some critics say are long-ignored maintenance problems in public housing, including poor lighting.

Public housing employees walked around the buildings Friday with a shopping cart full of light strips and fixed all the lights on the staircase.

These tragedies have been quite viral. Another incident happened in 2004 wherein unarmed teen Timothy Stansbury was slained in the similar manner on rooftop by the patrolling authorities.