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Wikipedia, Ledger -Florida’s Mega Ministry, Carpenters Home Church which was dedicated by Pastor Karl Strader in 1985, will be closing amidst of downsizing and finances. Karl Strader’s visionary of the facility was for a  10,000 seat auditorium. In the midst of various squalls of movements with cultures plaguing the church, the ministry comes to a hault. The history includes sparks of entertainment from celebrities Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith,  Oral Roberts, Jimmy Swaggert, Jim Bakkers, Td Jakes, Steven Curtis Chapman.  Carpenter Home is affiliate of the Assemblies of God and Strader was ordained as pastor 1966. In 1989 Carpenter’s Home  experienced a separation due to  indifferences which members refuted against Pastor Karl Strader, which resulted in  about  800 members leaving Carpenters branching out under new church started as Victory Church under Pastor Wayne Blackburn.   Carpenter’s Home ministry as Strader had been quite open to various strange fires including those of the Holy Laughter Holy Laughter from Rodney Browne who was invited there in 1993.   In 1995 Strader’s son Daniel was convicted to serve 45 years in prison. Pastor Karl Strader serves alongside son Stephen at his ministry called, Ignited Church which is a subsidary of the Carpenter’s Home.  The preponderance of the church included the highly publicized Toronto Blessing,  and also the Lakeland Revival with Todd Bentley which arose in 2008. Bentley made false strange claims that God told him to kick certain attendees in with his biker boots including elderly and  people who were stricken with various diseases (cancers etc) so they could be healed, and he also knocked a man’s tooth out in the service. This is a bizarre movement. The Strader’s  are also affiliate with Bill and Brenda “Beni” Johnson at Bethel in Redding down on College View  Many are familiar with the similar foolishness that goes on there. Carpenter’s Home Church was reportedly investigated by the Assemblies of God who found nothing wrong with it.

Pastor Karl Strader pass the baton, according to interview
After 20 year long tenure as the Carpenters Home, a dwindling attendance down several thousands,    in 2005 Pastor Randy White sealed a deal to purchase the $14 million Carpenters Home properties and he exchanged  his Auburndale property to knock the differences . Randy White’s membership or at least role at the time was listed around 22,000. In the midst of Randy White going through separation/ divorce from Paula, lost of child,  being arrested on drunk driving, dwindling attendance, amongst money scandals (majority of  the ministry’s tenure) even allegedly relying on swindling the elderly, they were out of the Carpenter’s Home.    According to Ledger, Without Walls International were tied up in foreclosure suits, so last year they filed  filed bankruptcy for it’s protection on the property. Without Wall International is listed as the Potter’s House Fellowship of Tampa, location wise.  Without Walls is no in the Carpenter’s Home any longer of course, and the service for Easter(Pagan)was still set to be held in the Tampa Convention Center? As for the Carpenter’s Home Church it was to return to retirement home after the demolition.  Carpenter’s Home was originally built-in association to retirement center, not only the one attached  United “Brotherhood” of Carpenters. Is this a quits for the Carpenters Home Church officially 10.000 seater, according to news sources? One thing I had noticed is the possibly of things being preset?Ownership property associationsWhile Randy White had moved into the Carpenter’s Home as a separate church,  Randy White and Without Walls International symbol which is the interlocking hands symbol appears similar to be quite United Brotherhood Carpenters symbol?comparison
Pastor Karl Strader  was reportedly suffering from prostate cancer about 10 years ago and dealing with an incarcerated son. Pastor Strader spoke of passing the baton over to the young men as he serves helping his son. The facility proved too much for the Without Walls owing 13 million dollar and throughout the vacancy the building  there was reportedly amounts of vandalism to the property.
Are these wasteful multi million dollar edifices  empires which unto themselves or relevance to the kingdom of heaven?



Mark 13:1-2KJV And as he went out of the temple, one of his disciples saith unto him, Master, see what manner of stones and what buildings are here!

And Jesus answering said unto him, Seest thou these great buildings? there shall not be left one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down.