Israel Ahimbisibwe, left, Dorcus Ahimbisibwe, right, and son Israel Ahimbisibwe, Jr., center

Redeemer Episcopal Church via CBS affiliate KHOU

Isaac Tiharihondi, 19, is charged with two counts of capital murder. KHOU reports that court documents show he allegedly used a lamp, baseball bat and a hammer to kill his parents, Reverend Israel Ahimbisibwe, 51, Dorcus Ahimbisibwe, 47, and stabbed his little brother, Israel Ahimbisibwe, Jr., with a kitchen knife.

The bodies were discovered Monday in a back bathroom of the family’s Houston apartment. Tiharihondi allegedly fled to New Orleans and then Mississippi, where he was arrested and is being held in isolation, according to KHOU.

At Thursday’s court hearing, Tiharihondi reportedly indicated he would not fight extradition to Texas.

“He appeared calm, he was in his right mind, he responded to the judge adequately,” said Othor Cain with the Hinds County Sheriff’s Office.

KHOU reports that guests at the Jackson, Miss., motel where the teen was staying said he was keeping to himself.

KHOU reports that friends say Tiharihondi was a good kid and they were surprised to learn he was charged with murdering his family. They reportedly say his mother was worried about him because he seemed depressed and she believed he had lied about being accepted into the Marines.