As time goes by, the vocabulary and dialects will transition as well. New words, rehashed words and acronyms are prone to hit the vocubalary, especially in the slang dictionary. Before long, nearly everyone is  using various odd words all because it may be popular, even if they do not really understand what it means.  That is often it goes, but in the midst of it all we can have an understanding.  Although there are so many words,  I pulled three of them.   Two of them are acronym words.  According the urban dictionary Yolo means you only live once and Swag means secretly we are gay according the urban dictionary, and the encyclopedia says Diva origin is  female deity/goddess. None of these terms are good . There are no good connotations on them considering the core.  They probably can be heard in mostly anywhere and sometimes in sermons. Bishop Lester Love has the Swag message wherein he states to Wake up in the morning and put on your swag on? I was that a girl recently died after she did the yolo sign and  young man tweeted yolo before he died in drunk driving collision. Singers and preachers wives are often called diva. There are diva conferences.  Sisters, God Almighty does not have any divas. He has servants.  I think it is imperative to know or at least try to know the terms which are being used as best as possible. Proverbs 4:7KJB Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all your getting get understanding.