While there are many unruly kids out there, whenever should you drag somebody’s child a cross the floor?  I do not condone what this principal did at all.   I have a story about a child who had a situation recently in school. I will talk about it as this still involves a school situation.  However this story is not about leadership being the aggressor but moreso the student being the initiator, aggressor(one instance he allegedly bucked/raised up in a gesture giving impression as though he would hit the teacher).   Understand that nothing I say will be a mandate or dictating neither has it ever been because the only thing we have to stand is God’s word is what have to stand on, and I will express some things and give biblical premise.    Now understand without a video camera or at least reliable witnesses,   you really cannot say what a child will not do at school and be truthful about it, especially if they are not saved. Psalms 51:5KJV says Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive meIf the child is not born again, he will practice sin. However the parents are to cover them in prayer. We have to be prayerful. When the school teacher calls and states a child did is misbehaving, it  is not something any parent wants to hear, but parents are often in denial rather than receiving it,  and while that is natural,  it does not help especially in frequent recurring situations.  We are to train up a child  in the way he should go, and others of influence may come along and aid in the training as well, but  when the children are out of our presence at school, the children are faced with things, people and just  spirits, and  sometimes they give heed to it. I was rendering some godly counsel to a teenager a few weeks ago who was dealing with some issues of misbehaving in school and class clowning.  I speak as this may help someone. He had been put out of school on a suspension.  I remember speaking to him as if he was my own son to apply some wisdom. At some point in the conversation I stated  your teacher has a job which requires her to convey the lesson to her students, and she deserves the right and respect to do it without any distractions from you or anybody else in the classroom. I said now you make your mother look rather foolish, when you lie and tell her you did not do anything wrong at school,  knowing that you did, and she goes to defend you  at the school (bless her heart) believing you did not do anything.    Now the best for the parent to do is pray before doing anything in haste, instead of the typical using the I know my child would not do this and that display, when if the child acts up in your presence, you do not know anything they would not do it at school. Tell me something good about my child is something parents should not have to ask for. It is a little contrariwise for a school to keep suspending well-behaved students, so it is not a time to look for lifting.   I remember asking a lady how was her son doing,  and she replied, I know my son did not do the murder which he was serving time for. Though I was not even asking her anything about that, but she took it upon herself to tell me. I understand she was in pain and overwhelmed and I was able to pray. Many times the children were not raised to act out in society,  and it can weigh rather heavy on the parent, but that is the child’s choice.   Now I proceed with discussion about the kid whom I was counseling. While we sure want to believe the child did not act up in school and places,  but if it is happening over and over and if the parent find themselves always blaming the teachers and the principal for lying on the child, there is a problem with the child and the parents are typically in denial.

I find that parents all too often let children know too much business overall. There some things that need not be said because they are children and not reached maturity and they made to grow up way to fast. I do not remembering knowing how much my parents made when I was a child or when is pay day. That was frankly none of my business, but today they know how much  is on the pay check; who are you talking to on the phone, where are we going are not questions children should be asking. There is a fading away of parents being enable to uphold the standards. What does a child need with high technology cell phones? It is too much. The children are now about running majority of households and they are not even grown.  We certainly do not want children to be provoke to anger, but some parents forget that their priority is training the child in the way he should go. That is in the Lord. The child is not there to just be a friend or to fill a spot for an adult.   There are sometimes when a parent may talk with another adult, and the child intrudes in the conversation.  It creates non respect and disrespect in society. Adults and elders should be granted respect. I remember the teenager saying I do not call one of my grandmothers anything because she do not act like one? I do not know if his  mom allows it. There is hardly ever a dull in what is heard, but certain things are limited when you are not the parent as far as implementation.  I do not think that negated the fact she is his grandmother, but there evidently needs to be level of respect for adults in general. While there are things that parents can do differently and instill more strictness, firmability, stop giving them games because they are playing too many literally and excess , and  refrain from perhaps kissing and hugging them so much for doing wrong or immediately after because they will not and they will not  take their parent seriously like that. It does not mean a parent does not love their child, but it means they cannot be rewarded for bad behavior. It does not instill discipline. I remember getting a share of the rod growing up, but I knew they loved me. Also that is Christ chastens us and discipline which in turns it make you feel bad when they would do wrong or have done wrong. That is the chastening.  The Bible talks about the rod and I think many people do not know what they are doing today. It does not say to beat your child to death or bruise them all up. There is a way to do things. There is a great difference in the words abuse and discipline. I do not know what is wrong with these people today who are killing their children in these news stories. The Bible says in manner discipline it keeps them from death and it does not take you to it, but it talks about discipline. Several scriptures are provided even in proverbs 29:15,17KJV The verse Proverbs 29: 15KJV says The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame. When you provide means of discipline, reproof their life that way, do you know that you  save them from destruction and death? Proverbs 23:13 KJV starts out saying,  Withhold not correction from the child. When discipline is instructed in the Lord, it often prevents things from happening and experience up the road. Any event love, joy, peace, meekness, longsuffering, goodness, faith, gentleness, meekness, temperance is still able to be preserved.

Often times fasting and praying is needed to its fullest. The Holy Spirit leads us through his word, and it is not like a mere novel on the shelf reading in manner of just  something to be said I  read it, but he wants us to have understanding and it helps us, even in the hard times. I believe he has word in there always to grasp and to meditate on for understanding according Psalms 119:148KJV wherein talks about meditating.  Get the child some help if that is proposed,  be a good example of living the gospel that is preached to the fullest,  other than that the teenage child’s behavior is not completley or likely at all the reflection of any one parent for the behavior of the child because they have choices. A child who is at the age of accountability and competent,  is not apt to blame the parent for their behavior in school even in misfortunes to keep misbehaving for any reasons or even if the father is not around is not an excuse to condone bad behavior.   To make matters worst,  to carry anything to the extent of the mother attempted to contact the school board and news casters for feeling like they are picking on her baby. That is too much. That turns the reflection on the parent because they have no discernment to see it.  I will get back to the story concerning the video.  While the days of the paddle, popping the children might be over in school in most states, are the days of if they won’t walk you will drag them in? We can be assured that was not in the by-laws, when many teachers are not allowed to place stickers on students for being good. Knowing that is could probably happen at any school, I talked to my neice who is in the 1st grade, and this little sweetie was appauled and a little startled at the principals actions  and she proposed that the principal could have done any of the following instead of dragging her: move her points off the board, be nice, talk to her in the hallway, move her clip to yellow, or take her to another class so she could think about what she had done. That makes better sense to me than the principal’s actions. Isaiah 11:6KJV talks about a little child shall lead them.

This principal is seen dragging the 5 year old girl to the principal office or some place, while in one video another administrator stands around to watch the principal drag the child. I know she is the principal, which does not mean anything when stepping in for what is right. That did not make the child listen. The video mentioned the boss wanted to fire her but the school board did not? It does not make since.  Who is her boss because the school board is typically over the principal?   According to the examiner.com, a former superinterindant says the principal should have been fired. Principal Carmen Perez Dickson has a lawyer and is suing and upset that the news went viral, but her  attorney says her client was within the guidelines of the school board’s use of reasonable force.  What would it take for to get fired after that? A bumped head, or broken bones?  According to sources there was voting process at the school board which is apparently why she was still able to continue working in an adminstration position, but at another location. Lord Jesus Christ help these people.