This news of pastor named Olubenga Oladejo of the Complete Church in Christ is telling members in graphic details about sexual activities forbidden by God. He was particularly talking about the position of man and woman. The Nigerian missionary goes in detail about a vision he saw of people being tormented in hell because of their sexual behavior. He assures man on top is the only position ordained according what is being titled on several articles, after writing this article I found that the viralness of many stories about this new story were quite graphic than expected, and I decided to go no further into many of the other articles, before I was prompted that this pastor was definetely sick.

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I can say with viral bedroom seminars and programs of Ed Young, Medina Pullings, Juanita Bynum etc, it may have been headed their, but it does send the wrong signal. For this pastor to just go into those graphic details, I think most people know when their behavior is erotic, and also sermons of bringing beds on the altar  is unecessary, as well as defiled and utterly having no reverance for the sacred house of God.There are people who are single as well as people who are married often times in the audience, and some are lost and dying and searching for an answer, and the bedroom seminars is not the answer.  In Bishop Orrin Pullings and Pastor Medina Pulling’s bedroom video, it was entertainment as the audience laughing at him mocking the tongues,  and  he says  do not want any of that in his bedroom, and he goes on to say secular music is necessary to be played to get into the mood. Have a seat! It sends the wrong message and it is not right. It does not represent God. Those seminars as such,  do not help much of anything. Amen, we got here through a man and a woman and that is called being fruiful and multiplying, or when a man cleave to his wife and becomes of one flesh and in the union produce children. This man Pastor Obenga would stay on that topic for increased graphics, non pg message, and or enticeability reasons to draw a crowd.   As a way round to sum things up is yes we were born in sin, but Christ was not born of sin.  He was born of a virgin and conceived of the Holy Ghost according to scripture in Matthew 1:20 KJV. Ye can be born again. Pastor Obenga is not wrapped to tight in the mind and needs to people born again of the spirit.

Number one, what he saying  is not right, and secondly it sends people the wrong direction. What they should know marriage is that it is being so between male and female and The Lord is able to teach those who are married and whosoever will impart wisdom to couples, will hopefully do so bibically in a godly manner not a graphics. It would do more harm than good to  attend these sexplicit seminars. God is holy, and he does not want his church tainted with that discord.  The Bible talks well about our relationship with God as good example, and it relates love not lust. The book of Philippians in 4th chapter in KJV talks about thinking on things that are pure.  The Bible also talks about how the church is the bride of Christ. It is imperative especially for believers to have understanding what the Bible says, both married and single people, who are in communion with Christ. The bridegroom is coming Matthew 25:6 KJV Behold,  the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him. Jesus, he wants us to be ready with our lives.  The Bible says in Ephesians 5:25KJV Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church.  I believe a few verses above that states in the 22nd verse that he says, Wives submit to yourselves unto your own husband.  For the husband is the head of the wife in the 23rd verse. 1 Peter 3 gives some further description and reference on it. Amen! Praise the Lord.  It is good for the man to have direction from the Lord, because granted when he is saved and the Holy Spirit is leading his life; he has direction. The wife is able to help him, and vice versa the husband is able to the wife. That is what is probably to be said about marriage not all that other stuff that pastor is stating about sex graphic eduation class.

As for an important subject of equally yoked, it is not only pertained to people of whom you associate with and encounter, but it also pertained is to those who are married.  Our whole life should belong to him.  God does not  desire us to be unequally yoked according to 2 Corinthians 6:14KJV, and even if they may be a case of a woman who is  truly santified unto God and already unfortunately married to an unbeliever, she can understand that a sanctified wife sanctify her husband according to 1 Corinthians 7:14KJV.

There is a lot sin, wickedness, and violence filling the earth, but I know God is able to sanctify HIS church in all areas. Do the church really need ministers to stand up and give a graphic detail about men and woman bedroom positions and telling they are going to hell because woman on top or all the other nonsense proposed?  I have yet to read that in the Bible. Does the Lord need a minister talking all that other stuff in that way?  There is an actual video of Pastor Obenga and I did not listen the youtube video, and did not get to read the articles all the way when this came up as new because  it was just perversion on that pastor.  Does somebody walk in church to hear bedroom positions? It is just no telling what you would here in (some) churches these days. I know there is  a wicked imagination,  and we are not obliviated to knowing what is going on. It is a lot filth. They know better. Romans 12:2KJV Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. I think sane people know when something is just erotic in the bedroom. I think you should know mouth is for drinking, eating food, breathing and talking.  Nothing else such as the obscenity of things we might hear of today.  I think church should know that when they hearing something, when they his voice are able to discern. I agree marriage is only between a man and a woman who are committed to God first hopefully and prayerfully, and then they will most certainly be able commit to one another. Marriage is honourable and the bed undefiled and that was stated in Hebrews 13:4 KJV.   A man who is  following Christ Lord Jesus Christ and leading his wife, then he likely has the ability to set things in order being the head of the house if he is truly under the leadership of The True and Living God. There you have it, and all this other stuff is just really wild. This pastor needs to take a seat and get out the bedroom. I believe it is a clearly publicity stunt.