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There is much news surfacing the Andrae Crouch Funeral service that consisted of various of celebrity performances at West Angeles Church. Some people may not what I am talking about in clarity, especially if you not a musician or if you do not have an ear at least,  but there is certain sound sweeping the music. Much of the Christian and gospel music does not sound the same, and it might be almost indescribable musically and vocally as to what is going on. I have noticed it within at least the last ten years give or take.   The majority of the music has large portions of dissonant, discord and disjunctive sounds if you will as far as what I hear. It is a new age sound and not exclusively to the Crouch Memorial. The music has not always sounded that way. At the Crouch Memorial, it was not because of the emotional day that could have caused them as much grief, but I saw very little of that there. When somebody could ask were there some drinks(alcoholic beverages) or something served in the green room at West Angeles COGIC because some of the artists barely sounded recognizable, and these are gospel artists.  Now that is sad when such questions asked because of the sound is off. Perhaps when you listen to Clarks Sisters song intro there, and the others and Yolanda Adams you may understand. Also, inclusionist lifestyles displayed by some of gospel artists are weighing in  on the church 

That may be mildly surprising, but should it be? It is the last days, and many of them are sell-outs who will do whatever secular artist do such to prepare for performances.  The defilement of the temple/body with smoking and drinking, etc. is being proposed. We do pray for them. I will talk about the signs in the photos above little later.  To top things off Bryan Duncan singing it is going to rain it won’t be water but fire next time was like a mockery in the midst of all the inclusion.

.Jesse Jackson was up talking about a necromancy experience until I could not listen anymore.

Stevie Wonder performed at Whitney Houston’s funeral and hesitated to do the R&B song that he had been requested to sing Ribbon in The Sky.  He cited in his words that he is in a church and felt it was inappropriate to sing it.  In that instance, he did have more reverence than Pastor Kim Burrell who sang Sam Cooke’s  “Along time coming” at Houston’s funeral?When the blind physically and spiritually has more sense than the believer that may be discernment check.  Though Stevie Wonder unsaved artist has a gifting, but he is not saved. They are allowing him and others to keep coming to sing based on celebrity status. They are ministering based on that status. It does not ever make them have full compassion for things of Christ to be drawn into a relationship because they often feel as though they have all the material success of the world. The church cleaves to that aspect of them and becomes side track from knowing that person is lost a soul who is in need of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They miss that because the preachers do not minister to them. They just put them up.

In another instance, Stevie Wonder sang in a church for presidential campaigning, and he improvised a part for the congregation to sing praises to Obama in an actual song where the name Jesus probably more suitable.  I think the pope’s recent statement (just days ago) regarding his desire for the church to relinquish Biblical, religious laws probably aligns with Stevie Wonder statement. Wonder’s speech at Crouch service had some people upset.  He started out mentioning that Barak wanted to bring things together, but there were some prejudicial impediments that he felt as though were regarding race? Stevie Wonder made strange statements at Andrae Crouch’s funeral when he supposed to be singing. Wonder  stated  “I believe in freedom of speech, but I believe if we don’t put some limits on being able to give praises to that one we hold sacred, we got a problem.” Some thought he was speaking in manner of the outrageous things happening in the church, but he was not. It was mixed up because he was talking about the sanctioning and limiting of the church’s ability to speak the truth, even when you have a right biblically to do so. There was an idea of speaking against these certain is limited at the church, West Angeles. That is how it relates to the pope’s statement.

There is many demonic hand signs and gestures displayed during the service. While some of them were not as apparent or indirect,  others were very obvious.  Included in the slideshow above are images  from Japanese drum tribute to Andrae Crouch’s memorial service. Japanese group Marre & Kumiko Haevenese did not sing stating ” We created this whole new style of music. Since everybody is singing, we are not vocally going to be singing, but we will do just a sample of what we usually do with the drum. That is how we Japanese worship the God Almighty with a Japanese soul.” There was more to it I believe.  The drum has 3 , 6’s in it which are turned at various angles. Bishop Ulmer who was an MC of the services was seen rubbing his hands together as he braced himself to next began doing the all seeing eye 6’s and the Baphomet hand signs during the service, at around 37 minutes into the full video titled Andrae Crouch Final Funeral Service on Youtube.