Atlanta Journal

Cobb County, GA- A  19 year old Myzelle Armstrong who was involved in an ordeal with another girl on instagram, decided to meet up with her opponent to settle the dispute. Armstrong and friend Zawadi thought enough to boil some hot oil to scald the victim to achieve their revenge. They went over to the Smyrna Aparment Complex. Armstrong held the door, as Zawadi tossed the oil on the victim, Ashley Hardy. Ashley suffered second degree burns which caused life scars and also required skin graftings. There were allegedly three girls involved, conspired and participated in the attack of the victim. Myzelle rendered an emotional plea for forgiviness, as he she hoped for a lesser sentence, but the judge did not buy the remorseful scene. Judge mentioned this was the only time he had seen Myzelle show out at the trial. Due to the premeditated act with intent to cause injury the judge sentenced Myzelle to forty years. The sentence will be four years prison  and a 36 year probationary period because of the suspect’s mens rea carried out by the actus reaus.  Myzelles mother cried and begged the judged for mercy on her daughter who was only pressured as gullible follower of the others girls. Myzelle Armstorong is the only one of the three girls to go to trial. Zawadi Clark who threw the oil, took the plea bargain for lesser sentence. The incident occured a year ago.