Boric Acid which is commonly used for natural insect control, cockroaches,termites,silverfish,fire ants and treating wood with dry rot is also found in select multivitamins.  The Boron/Boric Acid substance has been banned in many Asian countries for food additives, yet in many other places the substance is still being placed in (some) vitamin supplements and listed in small quantities on the label contents i.e. 2%. That may be all it takes to do some damage. Boric acid is listed as beneficial usese for variety of things from antiseptics to contact lenses and more

Vitamins are beneficial to health especially when there through natural sources, but it is not the case. Vitamins supplements (liquid, powder, pill form) is a more efficient  way to supplement missing lacking vitamins in the diet,  but is boric acid( something that kill insect pests) for  human oral consumption? It probably should be a deterrent, especially when listed as a food ingredient.  Although not all ingredients will be listed in everything consumed, but while we live in a fast pace society, reading the labels could come in handy as being helpful.

While desiccant is often placed inside bottle, it is usually not listed as an ingredient, and that is possibly because it is not for eating. It is commonly used for absorbing moisture from pre-package and bottle, but  boric acid listed as a food additive could be a way of downsizing the population.

I know about the eating of vicks vaporub and other home remedies for ailments etc, and somebody just told me after this article was written that grandma used to give them boric acid to clean them out and said they were still here years later. Thanks for sharing. There may be others who can witness that also.   I can say many things are not made out the same things I certainly do not advise taking of it or any amounts of random dosages through the food additive at least not today and knowing what it is. One young lady drunk some bleach over man leaving her, and she remained alive. I have heard a lot but thank God for grace and mercy.  God wants us to be aware of it and informatory, yet he will take of us and there certain times when you just may not know what is in some of the things. I was reminded of Mark 16:18KJV  that the Lord will take care of us. Some information could be left out on the labels.  Thank you Jesus.