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There is a mass deception going on. Evangelist Shakira is showing what a 2014 Christian looks like, and another photo she displays the look of a 2015 Evangelist.  Evangelist was incarcerated in 2011. Shakira explains her and her husband who were drug dealer were involved in a deviant  relationship,  in so much that other woman were invited in at the same time for sexual relations. She shows graphic photos. Kira accredits herself as being a former lesbian and drug user etc. The 31 year evangelist has transferred streethouse hustle into a various ideas to swindle the pockets of constituents in her new venue of the church. A new gospel, and  it is not of God.


This woman about is all about a hustling game, swindling the people in the name of the gospel and the church at any cost. She is not ready for ministry and it is surely not that of Christ she conducting, yet it is an epidemic going around not only with this young lady but many others and money growing market no matter how down the economy becomes. Someone made a statement to her the effect of  Are sure you have been changed.  I think the answer to that is quite clear. This is what is going on. Shakira sows her $27 seed, and tells them to give it for a blessing, then she proceeds listing the Ft. Lauderdale Po Box. There is great difference between entrepreneur and hustling.shakiras2 Her website offers Money Gram, Western Union, Walmart to Walmart and Paypal  services  anywhere payments is offered. She has a handle on things from prayer lines, selling knock off Louis Vuitton bags, knock of Michael Kors watches, belts, short tight see through dresses, underwear duke shorts,  skull bones hats  etc. There were comments such as Hi woman of God do you have more? Some wisdom and holiness needs to be taught, but they are sent in ministry in any regard,  they are mess a lot of people. Preachers visiting jailhouse needs to preach true salvation, deliverance  and disciple and teach them rather than running a money racket and coming up with all different kinds of schemes and perverting the gospel of Christ.  This young woman is hustling big time. Not only has she been telling people to bring their foodstamp cards in one listing, but she is maximizing different ridiculous ideas and making mockery.  Though she does not offer a physical store, she is selling by mobile with checks to be sent via P.O. box  as she comes up with books, gospel baskets with a bible from the dollar store, victoria’s secrets,  seeds, swaggin party, and the money has allowed her to move in houses,  and she tells people to drive two and three hours to come and see her.  She even lists  a photo of some prostitute in their undergarments saying they might be praying more than you,   as a way to get people go with her foolishness. Shakira is surely an embracer of the doctrines of the nicolatains, and she have recruited a lot of people, literally hundreds of thousands possibly  to follow her. It is to be expected as the broad way is surely enlarged. Hell has enlarged itself , however  the Bible allows Christians/Saints to know  the other true followers and servants of Christ. Matthew 7:16KJV, Ye will know them by their fruits, and 1 John 1:4KJV  tell us,try the spirits. We are to try the spirits by the word of God.

Shakira is a hustler and a very swelled hustler who has excelled in that game, and it has transference to the church as larger venue of the gullible when the word has already been spoken in 1 John 4 telling us  believe not every spirit. Galatians  allows to know there are some who would pervert the gospel of Christ. The Bible says I Corinthians 5:17KJV If any man be in Christ he is a new creature. Behold; old things have past away and all things are become new.


Shakira was ordained by Pastor Jackie and Kurt Pughsley (seen below) of the Out for Life Ministries. Shame! They have seen an ability to marginalize profit from opportunist  to carry her over to  the church evangelism just for money. Woe unto you!


Shakira plans to reunite with incarcerated husband(9 year relationship according her) after he completes his sentence and vows to a continued (hustling) ministry.