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ALBION, N.Y.- An Orleans County pastor convicted of sexually abusing two of his grandchildren is in jail.

Following Rev. Roy Harriger’s conviction on Monday, the judge at Harriger’s trial announced that he would allow the pastor’s bail to be continued, permitting Harriger to remain free until his sentencing in eight weeks.

Harriger posted a $250,000 bond to secure his freedom after his arrest last year.

However, the bondsman rescinded the bond and delivered Harriger to the Orleans County Sheriff’s Office late Tuesday afternoon.

Under New York State law, a bondsman is permitted to rescind the security posted on behalf of a defendant. It also allows them to reclaim the bond.

Although they could not speak with certainty on what lead to the decision, sources tell WGRZ-TV it is possible that the bondsman — or someone else who had pledged their assets to secure the bond, had lost faith that the pastor would appear for sentencing.

Harriger, 71, potentially faces decades in prison, which, due to his age, could essentially equate to a life sentence.

Had he absconded, their investment in Harriger would have been forfeited

One source explained further that while the bondsman, or others who posted Harriger’s bond, may have been confident he would appear for trial when he had a chance at acquittal.

However, their confidence might have waned once he was convicted and might have little reason to stick around.during his post conviction release.

Harriger could still be released pending his sentencing if someone else were to post $250,000 bond on his behalf

Some of Harriger’s children -who say he had molested them a generation ago-were surprised yesterday by the decision to allow him to remain free after his conviction.

“Our understanding was he was gonna have his bail revoked . He should not be on the streets. He was convicted of child molestation. That man should not be on the streets,” Harriger’s son Robert said.

Harriger was tried for sexually abusing three grandchildren, but was convicted of abusing only two of them.

Two sources have confirmed to 2 On Your Side that police in Pennsylvania have an active investigation into Harriger that could result in child molestation charges against him there.