Pastor Charles Wright of Trinity Word Of Faith on Shadowlawn in Memphis accused offering his 21 year-old drummer money for sex.   The young lady whom the elderly pastor approached admitted to being a lesbian and uninterested in men. She is seen in male’s attire.

charleswrightrahhayes The young lady reportedly appeared on  a talk show and with taped phone recording of Pastor Wright stating that he will pay her for sex. On the tapes he shares that  he wants an affair with her and she can’t get any money if she tells his wife. Rah Hayes, the lesbian who recorded him requesting sex was interviewed. The radio station made failed attempt to contact the pastor, and Tuesday night  pastor answered the  radio station’s phone call at 8 minutes left into the show.  The pastor allegedly admitted that he wanted an affair with Hayes and that she wanted $400 from him. Pastor Wright wants the money refunded back to him and he admits to wanting to sex favors from her and now says he did not really care what his wife thought if he was paying for it.  When asked  how could he be a man of God, when he is trying to do that to you with young girls,  the pastor says  “I am a man of God”. The pastor allegedly asks forgiveness and stated  Hayes wanted $400. When asked did he make it a habit to engage in such actitivity with his member,he said she was not a member his church, so he felt like it was okay.