WREG, Examiner

A man in Tennessee has been charged with beating a child severely over the last slice of cheesecake. The man, Anthony Gulledge claims that when he got home from work last Saturday all he wanted to do was relax and enjoy the last slice of cheesecake. However, when he went to get the treat, it was gone.

His girlfriend’s 3-year-old son had already eaten it. According to the boy’s mother, Katrina Johnson, Gulledge became so enraged that he beat the boy grabbing him by his ankles and whipping him repeatedly. The little boy is being treated at a local hospital for a broken femur (leg), dislocated vertebrae in his back, bruised lungs and multiple other injuries. He remains in critical condition.

According to police records reveal that officers have had to respond to multiple domestic assault reports in the couple’s home. Gulledge is being held on a $210,000 bond. He has been charged with neglect, aggravated child abuse and domestic assault. He maintains that he is not responsible for the child’s injuries. Johnson has been charged with aggravated child abuse for failing to stop the attack and not taking her son to get medical attention until the next day.


If you have anger management problems, then you really do not need to be around children, abusing them.