Though Bishop Porter was likely not using up his own money for this act, and he was likely sent up to do this. Bishop Porter and his crew in the “money room” had these kids rambling like wild animals in the dark for money which was thrown on the ground. One of the kid’s said something  about a bull dog at 5:55seconds in  pt 2 video of the money room. Perhaps they sadly felt that way.  Really?, and turning off the lights.  Satan works in darkness. It is not merely about but the love of money. There is a love of money, do whatever you have to do for it, crawl for it, beat other people in the dark for money and count it when you come out idea? They are training them while they are young to do this or with money and its heavily emphasized in their COGIC? That is all they care about. The kids more over usually remember these things such as Christmas money room at church and trying to get all the money thrown on the floor.  Is that what Christmas is about? My  gift came from Macy and yours dollar store, somebody came and did not get anything and everybody  is all upset. That is not about  Christ but it is excess commericialism, greed, ungratfefulness, unthankfulness etc. Pope Francis of the Catholic church mentioned something about that they are reason the world celebrates Christmas.

Update:  Bishop Brandon Porter seen in the red or burgundy suit in the video above is link as the man who handed the microphone to  Andrew Caldwell in the viral homosexual “delivert” testimony video posted several weeks ago.