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The fire bucket challenge, ice bucket challenge. Teenager poured lighter fluid on himself, lit himself with a lighter and set himself on fire. To matters worse suffered people stood back and recorded these ridiculous stunts and offered help after he was nearly burnt himself to death. These stunts challenge have went on several times. Preachers have been participating in them as well.

There was an ice bucket death in Mississippi and people should not participate in it.  That is just awful and truly sad. I almost could not watch it, but it certainly needs to stop. The media craze is aimed at raising awareness and money for the various diseases neurodegenerative disease ALS, motor neurone disease and other charities. Do you have to  do all that to give money?  Is it really worth it challenging yourself and other to dangerous/ harmful situations to raise awareness? Throwing buckets of water, ice and fire and harming themselves is  not awareness on ASL disease.  It has gone too far. It is a ritual.

In one video Td Jakes receives an ice bucket challenge and screams at the end.

Poor example of shepard, excellent of wolf in sheep clothing.