According to Bet News

A  fews year ago Ashford University in San Diego was  up for losing their educational accreditation, but now some college called Norfolk State is at a  loss of its acreditation, according to BET and other sources. That means students who are pursuing degrees and those who have already have degrees, could find their diplomas not holding much credibility. According to  the college safety rankings reports, it comes in fairly high as 8th dangerous in the U.S..  The area of presented  of concern viral is the academic competency and other institutional standards. Frequently certain departments within schools often lose their program accreditations, before the whole school loses accreditation. While it is not the students fault,  the official of the college are being regarded to clean up their act or else lose accreditations, after a probationary period which they have been given ample time about over a year according the Bet news.

I believe parents and sponsors pay for their kids to actually go to school and learn something, more than everybody  making straight a’s and wondering why, and rather  than schools  doing things and passing students to barely getting by for accrediting board or it could backfire. Although everybody will not go to college others pursuing degrees etc or sponsoring child, may find it well worth looking into these ideas, to avoid the lost of credits, retaking courses, inability to transfer certain credits,  to avoid various places(jobs,schools etc) not recognizing your degrees, and also to avoid paying off debts on non accredited or once credited degrees.