Deacon Holloway Gray of the Potter’s House has been with Jakes ministry since West Virginia.    Holloway’s new book  Walking in the Shadows of Greatness was promoted last week. The next statement which Bishop Td Jakes made in the service does not sound right, while I am unsure of what god he was speaking of, it sure is not good to make demand on the True and Living God in the mannner which he does.   In the recent service, Td Jakes said he told God that he could not live without Holloway. Is something else going on relationship wise between two that the Potter’s House and online followers do not know?

Td Jakes explains how Holloway was always on time with him for services and on  travels , while Holloway would receive dialysis treatments at nights, while they were sleep. In the recent book promotion service, Deacon Holloway bowed in reverence to Td Jakes.   I do believe most of these things are so staged.Deacon Holloway says he recalls this event in his dream?


I am seeing Td Jakes as an utter deceiver. Paula White says he is daddy.  George Bloomer says he is Great Jakes.  Serita Jakes says he is king. Conference speaker Juanita Bynum bowed to Td Jakes some years ago as if he was God. Now she expresses her former guru Td Jakes and his message as ” the fake christianity of get ready, get ready, get ready.” After abandoning Jakes again, Bynum now states that she only has 1 spiritual father (Apostle Ouriel de Jesus) now to silently recant her old statements of calling Td Jakes spiritual father? She is very confused as well statetement were made regarding that  in a video at her “Divine Science” ministry speaking engagement and people are still following false teachers  such as Juanita Bynum and Td Jakes.  Matthew 7:15KJB Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.  tdjakes14

The  world is mesmerized by someone who is wolf in sheep clothing.  Since early on, I saw this. I would not tell something if I did not have an understanding. As a watchman, and a voice crying out  in the church of Jesus Christ, I believe the Lord is not  pleased with what is going on as result of Td Jakes and false leaders others who have came into house of God and drawn people’s hearts away so far from the True and Living God.  Church please know that there are certain men who have crept in . For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation. The Bible spoke of it happening, so that we would be on guard.  Td Jakes is a representation of that in this day refer to Jude 1:4 in the KJB, and followers are under his bewitching spirit, refer to  Galatians 3:1 KJB   as the scriptures asks an important question.

Oprah Winfrey stated in an interview with Td Jakes,” I could also observe your power and control”.

(Cameras zoom into a “hypnotic” service)  Td Jakes: “The eyes of the church are closed. The heads are bowed.”

Oprah:”I mean you are the master of this thing.”

Td Jakes(psychology degree West Virginia University): (Laughs)

Oprah says: You are running this thing.

Td Jakes: Yeah, yeah.

Oprah:” Make no mistake about whose in charge here.”

Jakes respond : Yeah, yeah ((in a wide grin).

Deacon Holloway made this statements being very disgruntled about  Myles Munroe’s passing


Who was he mad at like that? At God?! Deacons do not talk like that.


A deacon? Holloway posted that to his page. It is  not a good example,  and more than anything it glories to show off how bad he is,  instead of showing himself as being delivered from that.  Holloway Gray’s book Walking in the Shadow of Greatness  currently has 7 book reviews on Amazon all which are by people who  never mentioned ever reading the book or any content of it. Is that book review or does that encourage getting the book?! Walking in the shadow of Greatness, what is a shadow? Darkness, an obstruction of light meaning, or an unconscious aspect.  The first portion of the title  “walking in the shadow”,  essentially concurs walking in the shadow/darkness of Td Jakes mentioned as great Jakes in the words of George Bloomer? From looking at him  worship Td Jakes consider himself to be in control. I would not urge readers to get their materials. Td Jakes was first telling people to get back to the Bible, and now 20 years later in his new book titled “Instinct,” he is saying get back to ” Instinct” ? The book is based on  Td Jakes safari to africa, and his ideas grasped from innate instincts of things like elephants etc.  He has picked up all of those ideas and packaged in a book for his gullible audience.  What is that? A new age book.