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There are many situations that have sparked the protests, probably particulary the tragic deaths of Travoyn Martin and Mike Brown which have went viral and many others are unfortunate cases which have arised and evidence show something is not right with the outcome. However, I have taken notice his father is a mason and the initiations that are common practices  in various regards within not only that society, but initiations of fame as well and various other groups, however associations are not distinctively or discrete revealed upon whom will be targeted or even how severe. The entering members of such affiliations and societies are often unaware of the target or the full price of what they are getting into.  The whole situation is truly sad.

Violent Protesting

Often the innocent people are being hurt,  and  with some protests more often the innocent people are the ones caught in the crossfires of the  riot, and the actions are really never typically towards whomever they feel has caused the problem.

Is the message being sent the right way at all

Also a mother who celebrated her  murdered son’s death with  two nights at the club,  then she held a prayer visual at the church and another celebration at the place where he died, and many of the supporters paid respects by wearing haircuts with the victim’s name in their heads. What in the world is going in the world today?!

News reports says  Eric Garner  had asthma, could not breathe and was choked to death by NYPD officers according the viral evidence surfacing. However,  the officers involved were not convicted. It may seem confusing to most people, but many are working in darkness. Some of the results are very ephumenistic in protecting a fraternal order.  Though, I do not suggest taking the back seat of do nothing while it continues on, but I do suggest pray.  The advertising “I cannot breathe” on  shirts etc. is not helping, and  many of them who wear it may wonder why they themselves may not be able to breathe later on. A person that cannot breathe is dead. Since they are wearing it, it may be invoking death upon themselves.Proverbs 18:21 KJB Death and life are in the power of the tongue.The I cannot breathe shirt may very well not be the thing to wear.