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Gwendolyn Clemons along with her son David Clemmons of Memphis, Tennessee are planning to launch a new radio talkshow.  They both  hold college degrees in criminal justice, both are veterans in the perspective CRJS field , both are  in same sexual relationships, and both claim to be ministers of the gospel. Gwendolyn recently joined in matrimony with  Rashada Campbel who took her last-Clemons.  Son Davin is the co-founder of the church City of Praise Cathedral along with what is listed as life partner Darnell Gooch. That may add for definitons to newly  accomodate lifestyles pastor and first gentelmen? Some may recall Bishop O.C. Allens and first gentlemen Rashad Burgess who were featured on the Word Network’s Lexi Show. The Clemons fellowship together according to their social site along with much of  their LGBT community now  known as the LGBT-Q as well according to research. Anyhow,the  mother and son duo have plan to launch their new show entitled Relationships Unleashed.

Well what is in for the new show? The hosts vison for the show  is to put  forth what they are an  Unleashed Voice on the same sex community. They believe the traditional host is fading, and they want to be themselves in their community.

According to their website, Gwendolyn D. Clemons is a 19 year veteran with the Division of Corrections, supervisor in the Counseling Department. Gwendolyn is certified in Domestic Violence, Anger Management, Behavioral Modification, and other certifications, Mentor, Life Coach and Minister. Gwendolyn Clemons educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Strayer University and is pursuing her MBA in Organizational Management at Strayer University. Davin D. Clemons is a 12 year veteran of the Memphis Police Department, first black LGBTQ liaison of the Memphis Police Department.