KMOV ATLANTA (CBS46) -Jason Stephens could not believe what happened to his little boy.

Claudette Peters, a woman whom Stephens had never seen before, charged onto a school bus at Fairburn Road and Argus Circle and started beating Stephens’ 9-year-old son, Jason Jr., police said.

“She comes onto the bus and grabs him and hits him two to three times,” Stephens said.

The problem began Tuesday morning when Stephens’ 8-year-old son, Jashun, got into a fight with Peters’ grandson, both students at Fain Elementary School.

The fight between the two children escalated. Stephens said Peters actually was trying to get her grandson to confront his 8-year-old son.

“My oldest son stood up for his little brother and said ‘You’re not going to hit my little brother,'” Stephens said.

Peters, instead, attacked the older boy, 9-year-old Jason Jr., before the bus driver could do anything.

“What would even merit you to want to go step into something like this?” Stephens asked.

Jason Jr. suffered minor bruises.

Stephens said he wants Peters to be punished.

“I want to see her do some time behind her putting her hands on my child,” Stephens said.

Peters is charged with battery and is scheduled to appear go before a judge on Thursday morning.