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The religious organization known Church of God in Christ(Cogic) are in the convocation which Stla sources says brings in 15 million,  which will likely double. The Holy Convocation 107th is currently held from November 4-12 2014 St.Louis, MO under The Right Reverend (yes they use that title on their website) Bishop Charles Blake. The banquet includes a platinum $20,000 per table, gold talbe $10,000 and 5,000 for the silver table. The Cogic badges are as follows $150 for the platinum bage, $100 gold badge and $50 for the  silver badge. According to Cogicicas website, it lists hotel fees for the convocation includes the $150 non refundable fee which will be charged by the hotel,  but the site goes on to say do not contact the hotel to make your reservation. Why?   The Cogic exchange says it  will be handled by Cogic exchange to ensure you get the best rate, but they make mention they will not assume responsibility for the room.   Additional fees are that all rooms are subject to  17.741% tax rate nightly rate. Registration and hotel deposit fees are non refundable.

Many have maxed out credit cards, borrowed money to attend these events. You will likely feel out of place if you come looking like a ragamuffin, so you will have to shop for high fashion clothes because the regular wadrobe will not do because they will let you know they think they are better with the haughtiness.


, and you will most definetely have to bring extra money, outside of the offering and tithes. All of this is going on in the midst of a recession . There is a lot of money coming from somewhere.

Convocation vendor spotswere listed $1,100 per booth? Just to sell something?  This is not a move of God. Some of the same people  are later unable to pay their bills many who live in projects and ridiculously splurging and scraping up their last dimes and pennies to give to these millionaires, and if they think about coming to Cogic to pay their bills,  the officials on the large will not feel obligated to help them. The Cogic organization have long felt that helping the poor is social services problem, not theirs.


The we care banquet? Care about what? The Church of God in Christ really only cares about the money. That banquet is not saving any souls. It is filling up people’s pockets. I wonder whose? They have been abusing those people for years, and they have not awaken yet.  It is time for the church to be about the father’s business. Preach the gospel!

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According to Stlamerican website presiding bishop Charles Blake made the statements below regarding the Holy Convocation

“Many of our people are from small towns who don’t have the latest in apparel, and usually our people take this time to shop for what may not be available in their hometowns,” Bishop Blake said.

This was the response to that statement..

Is he kidding??? Many in COGIC are from “small towns” with no malls or shopping centers? The ONLY place they can go to the mall is once a year when they go to St. Louis? Has this man ever seen the members of his church dripping in diamonds and furs, expensive hats and suits (and shoes) of every hue, color, style and make?

COGIC Weekend-Pass-TWT-double-AC-2

Give honour where honour is due. This is worship further seen in the video.  

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The Church of God in Christ has since 1961 kept the bodily remains of their founder, C.H. Mason(seen lifted up in photo above) entombed in the Masons Temple Church in Memphis, Tennessee. One young lady was telling me that every year they would often began their convocation at Mason Temple, and there is  actually a place where CH Mason could be viewed. Now that is a bit much. Now I am not suggest people forget where the come from, but a room or entombed place. What in the world?  To carry it even further the Cogic organization  recently celebrated  his CH Mason’s 150 year birthday, although he is deceased. He is not that age but would have been, but they are carrying it all the way as if he is there  and is still leading them today.   The Cogic organization is much like the other organization United House of Prayer whose founder is the deceased Bishop Daddy Grace, outside the fact that of one organization believing in the trinity and the other cleaves to oneness other than that they are quite similar in that each organization clearly  worships the deceased leaders over 50 years laters.  It is not  to make light of the church of God in Christ, but if I see picture an oversized gigantic posters at all the parades and conventions, that may be a barricade or impediment that has an audience possibly thinking that the man who is always seen on the posterboards is who they worship instead of God. They may not know.  There is actually is process called crypoperservation where in many celebrities and others are doing. Crypopreservation proposes the idea of future technology being able to bring back to life people who are deceased.  The idea of man wisdom in thinking they are God is clearly the tower of Babel. Luke 9:60KJV Jesus said unto him, Let the dead bury their dead: but go thou and preach the kingdom of God.


A picture may not say a thousand words, but it says many words. Not only his eyes look like he is caught in a moment, but the clergy collar goes back to previous articles. It is roman catholic apparel, including that particular ring on his right hand which we were used to  seeing catholic bishops wear, but alot of Christian bishops are now wearing it.

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Isaiah 61:10 kjv I will greatly rejoice in the Lord, my soul shall be joyful in my God; for he hath clothed me with the garments of salvation, he hath covered me with the robe of  righteousness.              not unrighteouness.   Bishop Blake is an inclusionist . I was reminded of a presentation over on Readychurch Youtube about the catholic church, but the one about the ecumenical prayer held  in Sicily, Italy wherein Pope John called for the communism for peace which consisted of an  interwinement of all religions. There were snake worshippers, hindu worshippers, buddhist, christians, all religions, and all denominations. The Pope said they were all praying to the same God. Now that was before Blake was presiding bishop in the Cogic, and it is still coherent with open statements he made which  had not been made prior by the others.

Bishop Blake made statements in a video about the human rights. Please understand while we all know people are to be treated with respect, but his acceptance speech was as geared to inclusion as he was commending things contrary to scripture. As Christians there are some things we cannot throw a stamp  of approval on. It does not matter whether you are bishop, elder, missionary or brother or sisters. We must understand that while  some things might be humane,  they may not be right(righteous/holy) which essentially means we do not have the right to do them as Christians , if it deviates away from godliness. We have seen biblical references of examples as there are many. Daniel did not compromise and they  submited because he did not bend. His worship was to The True and Living God and they recognized his unwavering stance. Instead of Daniel changing, they changed.

Bishop Blake may not have the preach in him as some of the others previous bishops, but  he has more of an administrative approach and has managed to interwine politics together over the church to  administrative approach to serve on boards rather being a solid preacher of the gospel.  After the Bishop Charles Blake openly expressed supporting human rights for endorsing all inclusion the ideas and ideals ( interfaiths, gay marriage etc )by bracing his support for everything in the bill ratified around 2008 instead of preaching the gospel. What has happened since his statement, there has been much more interfaith arising and a plethora of things sexual deviance, abuse pedophilia cases even within the Cogic*abstain from all appearance of evil.  Not all things go as humane neither biblical, yet these are inclusionists who actually embrace all things which could be anything. The Bible says in Hebrews 12 to lay aside every weight and sin which doth so easily beset us. How can the Cogic do that embracing all life styles? It is vanity. There was a video available online of their convocation speakers one very own ministers who spoke at the Cogic convocation, and he began to tell the Church of God in Christ audience that there are a lot of false prophets within their Cogic and that is what he said, and of course  it was astonishing and the room went silent. He proceeded by  addressing  why he had made that statement. He began stating that there are people in the organization who teach a grace message only, and neglect preaching holiness and against sin, but then he quickly rolled over into a money message after the silent response.  The message dwindled away, and I felt it when it happened. Now the minister that was preaching at their convocation I had never seen him, but he  is one of their own who has began recognizing where they are.

I believe there are some still people who are looking for the Truth and the Bible uncompromised, but sincerely deceived in the Cogic.  According to encyclopedia there are over 6 million members in their Cogic. It is geared at the picking pockets of the audiences just as Td Jakes Mega Fest. The list of celebrities Magic Johnson.   Kim Burrell, Chris Tucker, The Clark Sisters and many others etc. and these entertainers and set the bars of living which is clearly on both sides and it is no difference and they collaborate with the secular artists.  These events are filled with celebrities within their organization who live no differently than the world because fame says so, and because money talks and everything else walks including the Bible that we are supposed to live by? Shame! Though the Church of God in Christ organization had really good  biblical faith foundational beliefs, but it is way off today. The organization is just religious with no accompanying lifestyle of the cross. The board of bishops  are rich men. Cogic is not known as for the gospel of prosperity by title as Leroy Thompson/Creflo/Kenneth Copeland, yet they are the same. These are prosperity preachers who condition their congregation who may have nothing to  believe and put your money where your faith is, while not understanding that some times  people don’t have a dime. Well in that case that means borrow it. They have atm’s in the church, so many will not able to use the excuse of  I do not have change only my credit card. They have been pimping these people for years. Elder Ford adheres that each member (not each family) was required to give $1,000. I will not expand on his thoughts of leaving this organization and deeming it a cult.  At services there is often lines delegated upon increments of 50 dollar line, 100 dollar line etc. It is utterly ridiculous. There is pure greed,filthy lucre and haughtiness in the organization. The office of a bishop 1 Timothy 3:3, Titus 1:7KJV. This organization is 6 million members, and it is surely large enough to reach out to other various races & ethnicities but overall really does not. They teach racial segregation. There are two traits that born with and that is race and gender and  by no means shaped into and have no control of it. There are Christians brothers and sisters in other races.