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New Age Pastor Toure  Roberts  (divorced) writes the following regarding photos he had taken with the around 15 year younger Sarah Jakes who also divorced.
Grateful my heart came out to support my #purposeawakening empowerment discussion at #EssesenceFest#UrbanLeague
Last year was the most difficult year of my life. What I didn’t know is that God had an amazing plan. Thank you for your prayers and giving me space to walk out what God was working in my life. This is the happiest and most purpose-filled season of my life and I’m so blessed to know that God has brought me someone to share it with. Romans 8:28 has never been more true to me “For God causes all things to work together for good for those who love God and the called according to His purpose. #PurposeMates#PurposeAwakening

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